Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Pearls and Gem from Surah Al Jathiya[ Letter 45 : Verses 23 , 24 ]

" Has thou seen him who maketh his desire his god . and Allah sendeth him astray purposely , and seeleth up his hearing and his heart , and setteth on his sight a covering ? Then who will lead him after Allah [ hath condemned him ] ? Will ye not then heed ? [ 23 ]. And they say :There is naught but our life of the world , we die and we live , and naught destroy us save time , when they have no knowledge whatsoever of [ all ] that , they do but guess .[ 24 ]

Pak Lah et al and those in goverment should have this etched on their doors .For all of us as well .Pak lah is a good man tapi anak2 buah dia perlu this kind of reminder tiap2 hari .Gaji menteri , exco dan politiciantak pernahcukup ! Nafsu orang2 korporat besar . In this context I am reminded of an old sufi saying presimably attributed to one Abdullah Al Ansari :
" Man's sorrow stems from three things ,To want before one's due ,to want what belongs to others , and to want more than your alloted share " .Mashaallah ! Sounds very familiar !

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