Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Pearls and Gem from Surah Al Maida [Letter 5 , Verses 51 , 55 , 57 ]

Friends ,
The early Medinan period of nation building was inundated by many episodes of backstabbing from 'enemies within' such as Abdullah bin Ubai et al [munafikun] and enemies 'without' ie people ' who got their Scriptures earlier' and in Surah Al Maida there are many verses that alluded to this ,

''O ye who believe , take not Jews and Christians for friends . They are friend of one another .He among you who take them for friends is [one]of them . Lo ! Allah guideth not the wrongdoing folks ''.[51]
''Your friends can only be Allahand His messenger and those who believe ,who establish worship and pay the poor due and bow down[ in prayer ] ''.[55]
''O ye who believe ! Choose not for friend such of those who receive the Scripture before you , and the disbelievers , as make a jest and sport of your religion . But keep your duty to Allah if ye are true believer .''[57]

From Abdullah bin Ubai's period to the 1st seige of Baghdad by Huluga khan, taking advantage of a schism and dichotomy of ways between a syiah grand vizier and a sunni sultan , and to the present 2nd seige of Baghdad by 'Belukar' khan ,the meaning and ramifications of these divine warning holds true up to The End of Time . ''Yang hang dok gatal dok pangkak si Marimutu et al year in and year out tu apasal pulak !! ''.That seem relavent with february 2008 coming up very fast .
Dr Nik Howk

PS : Disregard the last 'warning ' .Tu' seloro 'sikit2 sahaja .Pasal dah naik marah juga I bila tengok 'people dak naik tonchang .Whatever it is , pangkah lah WISELY ! Some'' creditable opposition'' in parliement would not harm your 'cari makan' prospect .Tak kan lah depa teruk sangat . Seteruk teruk depa pun takkan lah depa lebih teruk pada Marimutu et al ?

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