Sunday, July 15, 2012

Taqwa......Shaykh Haitham al Hadad

My good friend, Nadzru Azhari,from Ranhill Worley, recently elevates me to the status of a ' moral policeman'. I know he was just pulling my leg but coming from him, an Arabist par excellence, even if he meant it just by 10 %, I take it as a compliment. Thank you Nadzru.
He is a keen reader of minds

Talking of  'policeman' pushed me  some 40, 42 years back to Cik Gu Muzzafar Desmond Tate, our Malayan studies teacher cum career master at the Malay College.

"Nik, what do you want to be after Malay College? "
"Sir, I want to be like James Bond double 'O' seven with a license to kill....a spy",  with all the 'works' thrown in, the sultry Greek 'goddess' Ursula Undress, dripping wet coming out from the Jamaican ocean in her bikini, fresh in my mind.......
"You can't...Malaysia do not have that kind of spy service!"
" Sir, in that case, just let me be a policeman".

No!  I was not thinking of  the Tun Haniff type. I was thinking of  those wonderful time I had with Sherlock Holmes. The 'cerebral' , intellectual 'policeman'.

From the perspective of mechanism we are back to Imam Hasan Al Basri's triad of :
from amongst others.

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