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Stephen Hawkings known throughout the world as;... 'the genius', the 'brain the brain', astrophysicist, famed by his 'short history of the universe', eminent british  scientist, wholly paralysed from top-down except for his eyes and facial movement from a debilitating motor neuron disease;... recently changed his opinion regarding the universe. 
Thru a computerised dictaphone , he announced, pontificate rather, much to the happiness and delight of the agnostic world, that ''... In my considered humble opinion, the universe does not need a Maker ''. Secular humanists  and evolutionists the world over can now sigh with a big dose of relief. At last 'the brain' has spoken.

Previously, in his 'Short History of The Universe', the only book written by him for the 'uneducated masses', The Maker was very much in the foreground. Hawkings was  alluding to just 'how God think'. Much different from his present position: God was still there, then. 

Now, Hawkings consides, the universe, including life on this planet, just evolved,  from no-where , full stop !
Those elegance and mathematical beauty are just a game of chance.
If you ask the good Prof, who obviously is not a gambling man, as to how the chance and odd would stack up in his mathematical estimation, he would confide to you that it would be '1 to 10 to the power of 40,000th'. 

Mathematically represented as , 1 x 10 
Scatterbrained individuals like me ask : just how many many zero's would that be.  I asked my anaesthetic colleugue who is 20 years younger and probably have more neurons remaining than me. ' i also dunno' was his reply.
How many zero's ? : 40 x 10 x 10 x10 x10 x10......for forty thousands times. Probably a half kilometre of zeros

Congratulations Prof !

' Whoever allah guides, they are the rightly guided ; whoever are sent astray, they are the losers, 
 And We have certainly created for Hell many of Jinn and mankind ; 
 They have hearts that do not understand, they have eyes which do not see , 
 and they have ears which they do not hear ; these are like cattle , rather they are worse than cattle ;
 they are the heedless. '
[ surah al a'raf ]

dr nik

ps : talking about zeros' reminded me of the late Tun Hussein Onn's promise  some 40 years back to the Kelantan people [ that time still under Dato' Asri of PMIP ] that if they vote Barisan, KL would disburse 500 million RM for Kelantan development. The Kelantanese kampong folks just could not imagine what 500 million RM would be at that time.  Young Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah [ that time Chairman of Petronas, so he must have known how to count ! ] told them if one were to arrange 10 rm note from Kota Bharu along the road, it would reach KL.
Too much, the kanpong folks thought. No one believed him. 
BN lost that year's  'erection' to PMIP in Kelantan
Now 500 million rm is just some small upfront  money for Scorpene or some PLUS road project. NFC's 200 million loan  cum grant is a peanut thank you ' handshake anyway by present standard. It is not 'standard' to bring this up anymore brader! Small change.
We have certainly evolved!

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