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On Hudud and Tok Bali Revisited..........

From Dato RKS,

Dear NIK and friends,

In the 1970s I studied Marxism as a philosophy to engage my leftist friends in Melbourne. At least I could do something as a minor leader of a Muslim student movement in the face of a strong and convincing Socialist Internationale. 

Since then economics has never been far from my understanding of Islam and whatever cause célèbre Islam has a word to contribute to. Unfortunately my experience with the Kelantan establishment since 1990s (advising on JDA gas) has never been pleasant. It's like shouting to a citadel populated by people with unique dresses and sense of homage to a select group of leaders. If I want to be a hypocrite and not say anything of Islam's views of disused and unused agriculture land and the exploitation of natural resources, the shared responsibility towards a common wealth of Kelantan, I will be welcomed to the citadel as an enlightened professional exemplar extraordinaire. But professionals will only be allowed a few levels below the higher hallowed circles. It's a Malay innovation that gives birth to a class that can accept and survive under any regime. Now it wants to be the regime. And the people in the regime will not blink when non-Shahadah taukays offer to help with the proceeds of their exploitation. They are most welcomed but not me after all these years. These taukays are even sought for solutions and advice.

I am convinced that the actions of the Prophet (s.a.w) in the first few days in Medina and his Farewell Sermon place a lot importance to the role of economics, although no such word exist during his times. It was ibn Khaldun who put up the framework of its knowledge but still without a name. 

Fortunately for me, it's never too late to study. InshaAllah, I will complete my Masters in Islamic Finance mid 2015 and probably continue to the next level. I am going for the long haul. Slowly I will revive my broken Arabic which is still important for me to read the original text and nuances of  ibn Taymiyyah, Baqir al-Sadr, al-Shatibi etc. Together with some friends, I am going to develop some models in LKY's incorruptible and appreciative Singapore. Then and only then I will enter the citadel when invited. For now the citadel will only welcome the the sanitized version of J.Low (minus Ms Hilton) or the popular version of an alim. 

Don't worry, I will not disparage the revered ones who say the Earth will lose gravity and float into space due to excessive oil extraction. Or the cure of cancer is in some mythical plant or whatever. I have stopped going for Jumaat prayers at the Bangi mosque of a Murshid that continues the takfiri of my non-Sunni and non-conformist friends but profusely make doa for those who were ordained but still drink and womanize. I can keep my sanity and Iman that way.

You will find me very boring because I will not give any opinion on hudud until I am ready to enter the citadel.



from Nik Howk :

Well said RKS

From my own experience with the Kelantan state govt, I do agree with you that the non shahadah tawkeys are easier to handle than people like nik howk or rks.

In the words of yb Husam himself, ' kito pong nok pitih sekeleng jugok, doc ! '
And I can understand this. the Kelantan state govt being squeezed tight by dire lack of federal funding needs 'cash' to run the state and to continue winning elections. But 'cash' was what I was thinking about in asking them to go into plantation business  but cash that can only come after 10 years of gestation...which is understandably difficult because of the large initial capital outlay. But from my viewpoint could be offset partly by income from 'harvesting the 'balak' in the 1st place. Nothing is free.

That was sometime 8 years ago when i propose to him, that the state govt should 'tahan senafas', get some soft loan from middle east somewhere and that they should embark slowly slowly into plantation industry. I was proposing 10,000 acres to start with. Definitely not under the MB Incorporated scheme which was poorly runned. If amenu can have nominee companies, kelantan can also have nominee companies. Get one of those Kelantan billionaires to run it. They will do this for free. Who does not want a passport to heaven??

'kito pong nok pitih sekeleng jugok'  mentaliti cuts across both political divide.

My position on hudud is very simple:
Man  , acoording to HIM , is only divided into 3 groups, as Che Heng, my neighbour, pust it succincly recently: the believers, the alkafiruns ,  and the 'indecisive'[ the other term fr the indecisive' is no longer used in polite society ]
If you think hudud is too barbaric for 2015, we can wait another 50 years and wait and see. The 'indecisive' will remain  more 'indecisive' 50 years on!

See you guys tonight.
Dont worry, Hudud is off limit. 
We are going to discuss about Fasha Sandha and Neelofa.

nik howk

from Dato RKS :

Dear Nik,

The issue is never about validity of hudud as Law. It reflects the crisis of confidence in leadership. After 25 years of unmanaging Kelantan, those guys dont inspire my confidence. 

If tomorrow they define Rasuah as theft of Treasury punishable by cutting alternate limbs, I will think they are serious as their lackeys should be the first to have their limbs chopped off. Nadzru will tell you that none of the EXCO can deliver khutbah, so what change can they bring to Kelantan if their own status has not changed after 25 years

For now it is just a political diversion of not managing the state.

May Allah have mercy


dato rks,

It is one way of looking at things dato'. Yours  , to my simple mind, is a non generous way , I feel.
you somehow come across as someone with an 'old axe' to grind. 'jangan macam tu, kita hati  mesti bersih...put personalities aside'
Kita kena bersangka baik

I look at it differently.
We all have different talents and certain limitations. The ustazs in the state exco, have limited talents  but 25 years on they still rule Kelantan. That is talent enough if it does not speak volume of the Kelantan people propensity to sabr' with  gross Federal injustice.
Nadzru was asking me just now why I did not go into politics
I do my limited daaawh to 500  elitist people twice a week in between selling my 'panadol' and putting stainless steel wire meshes to people's coronaries in SJMC. That to Ru is still too sedentary.
Had I joined politics, I would not be amongst the kopiah group ruling Kelantan now. Amenu is too 'nauseting'  and rubbish for me. PKR is an 'accident'.
Anyway, I am, like moses, unlike nadzru , very tongue tied. I would need  a 'Harun' all the time. So I will be a third rate politician with no party.

The PAS  people are doing us a service, just being there.......we know they cannot go to putrajaya, tapi acah2 pun dah cukup.
We cannot expect people  to be perfect before they do things. we are not perfect.tghh and his people act as catalyst pun cukup.
There is a well known tradition that says:  ' bala is been held back from society as long as there are individuals in society that remembers HIM in their actions, thought and deed.
I look at PAS people that way. They have taken a vow of poverty and it is a huge sacrifice. 
The 'ulul amri', despite tswa  reservation, one or two of them could well be the billionaire like him, had they put their life and thots in becoming one but they have taken a vow of poverty and it is a big sacrifice.

We have to raise our hats for the people. In indonesia, if you live by the sea it is not safe. At the foot of the mountain also not safe. You fly in the air also not safe. Malaysia is coming to that as well lately. 
Of course Nadzru [ Ru ] with his engineering mind will keep to that geographical fault lines theory etc etc and etc.

To be fair, the federal gomen also is mainly responsible for Kelantan backwardness. Federal funding is almost non existent.  You take any routes from KL to Kota Bharu,  The Teganung way or the Bentong way or the Esat West Highway way, as you enter Kelantan, it is like entering into a state 25 years backward!
Partly also, we can blame for Tok Pha et al for just warming their asses there for decades and having no balls to enlightened their political masters.

On hudud, even if the hudud thing go to parliement and lose, it is still a service. just the parliementary debate itself on hudud will bring to the fore what hudud is.
If pakatan breaks due to hudud , it is positive, as new alliance will be formed  and what need to be 'excreted will be excreted and brassoed'  ,and hopefully more positive.
If pakatan remained it is still positive,because the federal gomen will ahve to be on its toe and hudud can be brought back again. 
In the background, it is the duty of every muslim who calls himself muslim anyway to never tire of hudud.

Be it real or acah2.
All the way it is positive

Now back to Kelantan. what can we do for Kelantan?
The federal gomen own kelantan around 15 billion rm, our conservative estimate during one of our meeting  of the 'Council of Elders on things Tok Bali'.
On a good day, if  Yang Ariff Ariffin Jaka and his band of preselected men sit on the issue of oil royalty, if they all collectively wake up on the right side of the bed that day, we will win hands down, we think.
The fact are all there for us to read.

In between us, over the last threeyears since we met, we have got pledges from the 'whose who' of Kelantan ,almost close to already 1 million dollars usd to reactivate the issue which was adjourned sine die for donkey years now.
Nadzru is sittin on 1 million usd of 'public ' funding now  and doing nothing to change the status of the court's sine die status on the matter.

I can understand that being the most active and experienced oil man in the country, he  is currently bogged down with problems of his own brought about by 'falling oil price' across the board. 
But I must remind the council that Ru in form two last time at SIC, he forgot to read the book and advice by Dale Carnagie  and Reverend Norman Vincent Peale that great people , owe part of their greatness because they are able  to live in compartments!

Great people all have different 'compartments' in their lives.
I am advising him to not get confused with his 'low oil price compartment' and the 'Kelantan oil royalty issue'
Time is of the essence. The last time i met ts aziz and dato N Saghir , all material witness to the 'crime', both have shown some signs of aging. Before they join Dr M in that department . Even Ku Li and my ex-formmate, Hasan Merican  would not evergreen for ever. We have to make hay while the sun still shine brightly.

What is Ru waiting for i cannot comprehend.

On 'living in compartments' I must tell you guys that Dr M was and still is  a current master.
On the day when KL were in near riot on the eve of AIB's ISA many years back , Dr M was riding on his favourite horse with a group of PDRM boys, going round and round the field at Kiara.

We the 'council of elders on things tok bali' are going to relook into the royalty issue and thinking about getting the best advise from perhaps the best QC in London on how to reactive the process. 

15 billion is a lot of money and Petronas and the federal gomen better sit tight. 
On a good day, alhamdullillah, with a bench of fair minded judges,we are confident we can win.
Insyaallah actually, but Ru's JDA data from Thailand is so positive, I say 'alhamdullillah'.
Daylight robbery of a state can go on for so many years, after sometime we have to do something.
The time is now!

dr nik howk



Perhaps while you are in London settling your 'South Sudan fiasco arbitration' problem, you could well pay Madam Cherie Booth Blair QC a visit and get a second opinion about the best way to proceed.
This 'sine die' adjournment has been going on for donkey years.  Several things to raise with her:
1. If we need to change horses we need to change horses. If we need to shake some 'trees' we will shake some trees'.
2. Since you raised the issue of lack of confidence in our courts, whether we can change course and bring the case  overseas, in London or USA where the Govt or Petronas have substantive saving or fund.
3. How long can an adjournment be considered legally 'reasonable'....
4. Any extra judicial measures we can take to force the parties to come to the table and arbitrate fairly.
4. etc etc and etc.....

We, in the Council of Elders'  dont actually mind  this indefinite adjournment, but 15 billion rm at compounded interest can be significant for Petronas and the federal Govt to settle.
We always have their interest in mind. 
We are not interested in killing the goose that lay the golden egg!
But at the end of the day , in the deliberation of nations and states, there must be justice and fairness.
To my mind, these elements have been missing much  too long in the arduous relationship between Putrajaya, Petronas and Kelantan

Nik Howk

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