Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Case History : Cest' Dieu Qui Direct

Remember Encik K, the 50+  year old , ex-Petronas, Oil and Gas man ,I implanted a 'plastic' bioabsorbable coronary scaffold some two years back. He is diabetic, with 30 kg excess weight then and suboptimally controlled diabetic.

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He went on to reduce the 'volume' of his food intake, follow optimal medication regime and his hbaic blood test on subsequent follow was great!

But two years down the 'lane' he was diagnosed to have an advance nasopharygeal carcinoma  with significant spread [ NPC, 'cancer of the throat ] and underwent both radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Subsequent to this, unfortunately, I later was told by his oncologist, he developed  the dreaded 'neutropenia' [ very low white cell count ] which predisposes him to viruses and bacterial infection.

Just two weeks ago I bumped into his son along the hospital corridor, " Doc, my dad is in ICU, in coma. The doctors say he has epilepsy and has to be intubated........"

Just now I bumped into his wife and retinue along the corridor, " How is Encik K...? "
" Not good Doc... he is still in coma. The neurologist says he has viral encephalitis....".
Sounds not good at all. 
Two weeks and still in coma.

Cest Dieu Qui Direct
It is just human to plan, but it is only Allah who direct
Welcome to life !

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