Friday, September 18, 2015

...of ambassador and G25 class :

Friends, Dato' and Tansri,

I started this 'tafseer journey' some 3 years back in December 2012, with just a handful of following weekly.
Now it is twice weekly and benefited some 1000 friends, whom some i have met and majority, i have not met.

A close friend of mine asked last week as to why i take the trouble to go thru tafseer and tafseer in the net for hours a day, listening to them, review and select;
all done in between a very busy hospital practice; sent to people whom you do not know; to be told oftentimes that :
' No thanks doc, please stop sending these sh.. to me , I never read them! I am secular and I am proud I will die secular!'. 
They are amongst the elites, a couple of ex ambasssadors and  a few from the g25 class!

I told my friend that , 'this is why I am precisely still doing this! '
It is a pleasure having 100 over contemporary 'minor mufasirin' [ if I can call them so ] working for you FOC and 100 over world class qari to choose from, also FOC, at the click of a finger! Thanks to Bill Gates!
It is a pleasure listening thru video lectures  of shaykhs  and ustazs of the likes of Hamza Yusuf, Ninowy , al-Yacoubi, Harun Din, Dr Ismail Lutfi  and the late Tok Guru Nik Aziz, etc and etc, to fill the 'spaces' in between the elucidation of the Divine Letters.

Noah alaihusalam who sweated over 950 years  of daawa had only 80 people on his ark by the time of the Great Flood.
And he had no assistants, no qari and  contemporary 'mufassirins' to help him, and no Bill Gates and Microsoft either!
My effort is so very very very miniscule compared to Noah alaihisalam's.
Mashallah! it is my great pleasure to be just the humble postman, insyaallah.

Rasullallah is not only for the Muslims. 
His message is for all, the non Muslims, the atheists, agnositcs, the trees, the animals, the seas and the mountains.
He is after-all the 'Rahmatul Alamin' !

We move on to ayat 18 to ayat 25, at the end of it is about Noah alaihisalam

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