Friday, August 26, 2016

another 'majnun' across our northern border....On Qiam & Tahajjud

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friends, dato and tansri,

ustaz dr ismail lutfi al patani.....a tok guru across our northern border has a special soft demeanor in his tafseer lecture.
here, he expounds on ayat 16 to 18 of surah as sajdah.
it touches mainly on qiam and tahajjud.......the preserve of the 'majnuns'; the lovers of the beloved.....a rarefied territory.
tahajjud is wajib for the nabi[pbuh], sunnat for us mere mortal.....but a rarefied territory indeed!

put yourselves as an ordinary kampong chap in one of the 'balaisah' [ madrasah ] in yala, patani, or nara, sitting there at the serambi of the madrasah, listening to this ' majnun' from patani.

[  occasionally, young thai 'soldadu' [ soldiers] come over fully armed with m16 looking around for 'young' men, potential trouble makers. these young soldiers are generally bad news.

southern thailand is very a  'hot' territory for the majority muslim population.
soldiers everywhere and every town and villages inundated by road-blocks and fully armed 'soldadu'. A virtual 'prison'.  ]
dr nik


some years back i was driving my old hj47 toyota landcruiser deep into the southern thai region, just testing the engine, off the beaten track....strayed towards penare [ in teganung we have a similar named beach village, near besut called penarik ],, on the southern patani coast. it was about magrib time.  very little light on the lonely road with very little uncoming traffic on that one lane tarred road.

a surreal experience. 
in front of me was a roadblock with a platoon of young thai soldiers manning it. 
a long line of young muslim men, in their customary baju 'tok', walking  past all these young men with m16, walking towards a madrasah, probably tok guru dr ismail lutfi al patani's pondok nearby.

as i stopped my vehicle to give them the right of way at the road block, i felt sad and this sadness i can  recall my till today. the same sadness i feel when i saw in the utbe yesterday of a muslim lady being 'stripped' off her burkini on a french rivera beach.

it is an 'accident of time' that kelantan, teganung and kedah did not become thai territory post pangkor treaty. otherwise we would not have the extreme pleasure of joining the 'bangss johor' types into what is currently known as the  the  federation!

we have to thank the brits for having that presence of mind almost 2 centuries back.
just by a stroke of the pen!

"at the end of time muslims would be like flotsams being pushed around by the waves!"
' why is it so, ya rasulallah? are they  very few in numbers? '
"no! there are 1.6 billion of them!... but they have all but forgotten their qur'an.... "

......a conversation some 1480 years ago in downtown madinah, or something to that effect.

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