Saturday, August 13, 2016

Of Maududi, Hasan al Bana and Sayyid Qutb et al........

friends, dato and tansri,

i recall a conversation over steak at victoria station, damansara height. i think it must  have been seven to eight years back, between prof sayyid naguib al attas, prof wan from istac  and myself. 

'we'  were discussing the merit and demerit of scholar-theologian abul a'la maududi. 
prof wan and prof naguib, agreed that he  was a 'wee bit' misguided.
i was just a 'kampong' chap in the conversation...first time i heard  about i just listened.

maududi was 'space physics' to myself then.

it was only 2 years later when i finished reading maududi's  popular book,' let us be muslim ', then i could comprehend why the two scholarly gentlemen thought so.
it was an ulama'  and scholar's  discourse to me anyway....way above my head!

from my humble perspective, it is back to 'levels and levels'; the ulama' or scholar being in academia or in political against colonilism of that time;  the time and era also plays an important role in one's perspective and ijtihad.

in 'let us be muslim' maududi brings one slowly, slowly to discuss each of the five precept and pillars of faith : shahadah, solat, zakat and alms, fasting , and lastly haj.
the last chapter was jihad........i 'nearly' pengsan when i reach this chapter. 
to maududi, the 5 pillars were just preamble  and the 'training' to jihad.....jihad is the missing sixth, unstated but can be extrapolated as such!

if you cannot  and not willing to do jihad under extranuating circumstances happening to your din and fellow muslims around you, you have not yet taste iman.

' inna solati wanusuki wamahiya yawa mamati lillahirabbil alamin! '

to my mind, if people like sayyid qutb or maududi  or hasan al bana are still alive today, all of them would be  declared as persona non grata by the security council or worse still, droned rightaway.
this is the  fitna of our time.
right become wrong and overtly wrong become right.
dunya akhir zaman!

welcome to the prologue of surah as sajdah...prostration.
who do you prostrate to.....bush, obama , tony blair, donald trump or allah?

dr nik howk

ps : was maududi misguided?
let us leave this as something beyond us ordinary mortals....
may allah judge all of us accordingly to our 'level' of understanding of HIS din, allahualam.

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