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islam but no muslim......[ a preamble to surah al ahzab ]

friends, dato ansd tansri,

al junayd al baghdadi, al sultan al awliya, [ circa 835- 910 ce ], was reputed to have  been asked by one of his disciples,
'sir, how do you reach the level you are now?'
"by staying under that staircase  over there, for over 30 years"

so much for the symbolism of the 'staircase', signifying humility; self reflection and introspection; stoicism; muraqaba; zuhudness; sabr in zikrullah and remembrance and plain hard work , work and work.

in zen buddhism, in old japan, they also have such things.....between the exquisitely divine beautiful ginkakuji temple and chion-in temple in downtown kyoto there is a beautiful path along a small river that weave and meander. they name this 3 km path,the philosophers path.

i could imagine the monks and enthusiast walking this path between two temples, slowly, slowly giving them time to introspect and reflect on the mysteries of life and the universe, centuries back.

as soon as i arrived back at my airbnb bivouac near kinkakuji temple in the higashiyama mountain, i asked my host  koji as to what makes a japanese tick,

'koji, the whole world never failed to be amazed by you guys....i mean you guys can still queue in the face of calamities as happened during the tsunami nuclear meltdown in fukushima. elsewhere even in america, and especially in america, a one night total blackout would cause riot and pandemonium..'

koji did not understand what i was drawing at and i don't blame him. apart from running three jobs at the same time, a conceirge by morning, a fairly successful airbnb business in between recess and an avid gardener, in his free evening

the complex interplay of centuries of warring shoganates; geographical isolation from original source china; the stoicism of having to face the world during world war two and the subsequent demoralizing defeat; and in the background all the time with shintoism and zen buddhism rubbing on the psyche and humanity of the japanese collective souls....this cauldron of heat and fire that mould a nation's philosophical psyche were too complicated for koji to comprehend.

i put it to him in simpler term,
'what is it koji, shintoism, taoism or zen buddhism that drive the japanese people?'

' no sir, almost 100 % of japanese do not subscribe to any religion. only when we die we get buried under shinto or taiost culture and ways...'

alas, now japan has islam but no muslims, and  a great  number of us, majority muslim countries, have got so-called muslims but no islam.

we do not have to go very far.......just visit putrajaya's sri perdana!
the mother of all evil....gross chronic cronyism, out of the world nepotism; unbridled corruption ; shameless avarice and irreligiosity.
there is no more words or adjective to describe this irreverence to such traditional values held in high esteem both in the muslim world as well as the malay world!  

elsewhere the scholars and brilliant; the shakers and the movers of society sleep well.
this resounding silence from these 'zombies', these living dead, is deafening!
shame on you guys.
what  have we done or not done  to deserve this monumental 'bala', i wonder?
and i can assure you we have not reach the trough yet, mind you.
worse is to come.

'apadah jadi'......reminded me of the croner, the late sm salim

let us once again drown our collective sorrow in the opening gambit of surah al ahzab.
we come to the business part of the qur'an, since surah al ahzab is a madani surah, dealing with the limits and hudud of living..
the early ayat in this important surah discuss the nitty gritty issues of adoption, inheritance etc and etc.

enjoy mufti waseem khan.
i like him for his clarity and preciseness.

dr nik
mountain retreat 2,
higashiyama mountains,
eastern kyoto,


From: Azmi Wa Sent: Tuesday, September 20, 2016 5:59 PM
To: Nik Isahak Wan Abdullah
Cc: jublintan65@yahoogrou
Subject: Re: pariah status......

nikhowk,  the only way to live with the reality of external and internal perception, is to reject the conscious and subconscious sense of a relationship to a leadership family/clique/gang/party that you feel only embarassment/humiliation/abhorrence for. push away the subliminal notion that as citizens you have to feel responsible or accountable for those that you find governing you. if they do not subject themselves to some level of accountability to us for the things they do, why should you and i feel a need to feel answerable for the unspeakable things they do? when they appear on the tv screen, change channel; when they pass by you, turn the other way, when they make a speech, get up and leave the hall for the toilet. nothing much you can do, but these little tyrants hate been ignored. eventually, being given the silent censure may just make them disappear up their own arseholes, like pink panther and his vacuum cleaner. 

as things stand, it is still legal to do this. it is satyagraha lite, but appropriate for we malays and malaysians are the meekest of God's creatures! peace, my friend!


Nik Isahak Wan Abdullah

Today, 7:50 PM

Azmi Wan Hamzah (;

jublintan65@yahoogroup+15 more
You replied on 9/20/2016 10:10 PM.
brilliant answer ts, plausibly brilliant.
just only plausibly.

but i put  it to you that if we, right from the outset, make millions of 'animal noise' on our own, in our own ways special ways, accordingly to our god given talent,collectively, on the street, in the cyberwave, in papers in the airwaves etc etc etc....i dare say these 'animals' that is  'tak ada hati perut dan tak ada malu dan segan', will disappear faster.

instead we have insipid journalists, insipid ulama and complete silence from senior corporate citizens, senior government servants, g25, academicians, and others etc  and etc.
our parliementarians, government and opposition are mostly a bunch of brain dead people warming their benches
[  ]
this seem to be a special malaysian malady....'cari makan', most important than everything else.

but as windstedt observed some 100 years back we malays are truly feudal to the core and probably the meekest animals to walk the earth!
that is our bala.
just look at the pathetic malay hero of old ....hang tuah

we, collectively cannot separate the trees from the forest.
we cannot think straight.
we all are a whole load of 'cari makan ' people.
we are just bloody pathetic...all of us.
i am sorry if by saying so i have  pricked your collective conscience.
frankly, we all have not done enough to get better governance.

what need to be said , need to be said.
i am sorry.

dr nik howk

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