Sunday, September 25, 2016

Shaykh Mukhtar al Marghroui.... 'from spiritual vacuum to al hamdulillah...'

friends, dato and tansri,

i count shyakh mukhtar al marghroui as one of my virtual tok guru, along with shaykh muhammad ninowy of atlanta; shaykh al yacoubi formerly of damascus, syria: the late tok guru nik aziz of pulai melaka, kota bharu; the late prof hamka of indonesia; shaykh hamza yusuf of california usa; and tj winter aka abdal hakim murad of cambridge.

our common denominator was of course abu hamid al ghazali of tus.
abu hamid al ghazali's tok gurus dated back  finally to rasullallah, sayyidina muhamad ibnu abdullah [pbuh] of makkah/madinah.

that is the nature of ilm in 'traditional islam'. from one tok guru to another to another , to another and to another, and finally to the murid. 
in the twentieth century, the subsequent anak murid could read from books or via the electronic media....this later day 'innovation' cannot replace 'one to one' teaching, but at least it is better than 'nothing'.

one cannot claim, as many  young punks are doing now: ' i subscribe to the salaf of the nabi ' and the sunnah' and only my tok guru has the monopoly of knowledge!'....

one  young upstart mufti from wang kelian, up north, has also joined this 'band wagon'  of thinking, unfortunately.

when one's claim to such fame is that one's tok guru is 8th century or 11 century after the nabi, and only they are the significant 'reformists of the ugama!
only these two have the monopoly of true hadithic knowledge.
the rest of the scholars and ulama' can go and fly kites!

this is bloody nonsense and bullshit!.

'shafei, ahmad hambal and imama malik can go and fly kites because they oftentimes did not follow muslim or bukhari to the T!' , they opined. unfortuntely revealing their utter ignorance about transfer of knowledge and wisdom in our 'ugama'.

these clowns, these intellectual midgets, [ and that is how i feel about some of them, young punks going around rubbishing centuries of scholarship and age-old traditions ],in their haste , forgot that these ulama par excellence predate both bukhari and muslim, some by at least a half century!

this is  bloody nonsense by people who should know better.......

ok i have said my piece, let us now get down to business.

here, marghroui, a double phd in physics and electronic engineering and originally from algeria, discusses on the need to fill that spiritual vacuum in our souls.
he wraps up with the sublime meaning and intoxication of tasbih, tahmid and tahlil.

enjoy him.

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