Thursday, October 13, 2016

Shaykh interview

friends, dato and tansri,

for muslims around the globe now, especially in muslim minority countries, holding on to their 'ugama' is like  clenching  'a burning coal ' in the palm of a believer.

muslims are despised everywhere they go.
minimum, we are looked with suspicion and in some place with derision.
masjid and surau got burned; having a qur'an in some airport may end up with you missing or being ejected from a flight etc an etc.

yet, there was a time less than a century ago when even the news of a muslim woman getting raped in belgrade would have launched massive troops movement at the austrian-bosnian border.

now we are 1.6 billions and growing.
but we are like 'foams being pushed around by the ocean'.

what ails us? 

listen to one of my  current tok gurus and shaykh , shyakh ninowy, for a possible answer and solution to this current ennuie and malaise affecting the ummah

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