Wednesday, May 30, 2018

madarij as salikin....station 4.....fear & hope

friends, dato and tansri,

fear and hope is the next station in our journey to god.
a balanced admixture of fear and hope that is.

to the muhsinun and the salik, fear here does not denote fear of the dark; bankruptcy and  poverty; ill health and old age dependency; or at the macro level, fear of the belligerent monarch or dictator.

to them, in this life, it is fear of being distant from god; fear of losing his closeness.
in the next, fear of not being able to see him; the fear of being entirely forgotten for the whole of eternity.
high ideals even the average ordinary muslim cannot comprehend.

hope is an easier quantum to comprehend to the faithful and the non faithful.
this planet is just a small tiny weeny dot in the universe, a very tiny weeny dot in a tiny weeny corner of just one galaxy.
the universe contain at least one hundred billion galaxies!!
trillions and trillions of tiny weeny dots peppering the galaxies and milky ways..

to the agnostics and the atheists, they cannot comprehend why should there be a god asking for acceptance and remembrance from them when  they are just the tiniest of dot within a dot in a tiny weeny corner of a dot within soo many many other dots.
it does not make sense for the necessity of a god, this huge universe.

gasses coming together to form cells.
and cells coalescing together to form multiinuclear cells and finally organism.
from organism , the big leap to monkeys, gazelles and man!!?
this life is just an incidence and accident of time.

but even then they still live in hope.
they hope that their world would just end with their demise on this planet.
so while here 'enjoy and be merry' is their credo.
if things do not go right with them or actually awfully wrong...end the pain with suicide.

to men and women of faith our hope hinges on the preamble to the opening verses of surah al fatihah
and all succeeding surah.
god is most compassionate [ ar rahman], and always compassionate [ar rahim ].
he is also ya wadud, and ya mannan
he is ya ghaniy, ya razak, ya fattah, ya mugni and ya wahab.

the salik and the muhsinun ossilate in their daily life between a  healthy balance of fear and hope.
that is the clever muslim.

do enjoy prof ovamir anjum's beautiful and cogent discourse on the 4th station in out journey to god.

dr nik isahak wan abdullah

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