Monday, May 28, 2018

of malay college, tunku khursiah college, dsai , rafizi and all that jazz......

an old malay collegian classmate of mine [ fifth formers, class 69 ] and also a close neighbour, the other day , jokingly asked in our class tea tarik session as to what they put in the water at tunku khursiah college that could produce a monstrosity that never tires of having 250 over  hermes and birkins and just only about 114 million rm in lose change in 26 different currencies!!

i pointedly adviced him to ask his dear wife back home, who is also a product of tkc, of course with the proviso that he forewarn me of the time when he would do so.
i would get the subang jaya hospital ambulance ready in front of his bungalow to ferry him pretty quickly to our er , just in case.

this friend of mine also asked me to look into my crystal ball to get answers as to why 'rafizi et  al' is making too much animal noise and whining like a mad dog in the background?

after a lot of thot i told him one does not need crystal ball to answer this paradox.
the whining and barking is surely at the behest of someone more senior.

remember the 1st day of the now forgotten awani tv interview tun dr mahatir when he got news that pakatan harapan had that minimum 112 parliamentary seats.

"we will seek royal pardon foe datuk sri anwar ibrahim but that is going to be a long process, the paperwork, etc and etc...."
while it take waiting more than 12 hours for the young sultan to give a royal audience and consent to tdm , the superquick'' royal pardon coming a day after is a world record of sort..
a  few days later dsai visited johor royalty.
that expansive bowed kissing hand greeting, shown nation wide, very prominent in all viewers minds.

a week later yab wawi and daughter took a flight to kota bharu to pay courtesy visit to spb's mum and dad.

this flurries of activities while the grand old man, tdm, was having sleepless nights and busy , from amongst other things, giving a very public scolding to senior govt offcials at putrajaya for their obvious ommissions and commissions; and conferring with the jedi counsel on how to proceed next; canceling the out of the world sinapo-KL fast train project estimated to cost 100 over billion rm to the taxpayer; thinking about the ramification negative and positive of doing the same to big brother china iwth respect to erl; etc and etc.

[....this is a digression of course, my dear tdm..if you are plying the east coast highway as i do monthly for the past 3 years between telaga papan and KL, you would not have to waste your grey mater over this ecrl issue: there is currently not enough kerepok lekor and nasi dagang buisness to even support the highway for the 5 years, let  alone a 66 billion rm ecrl at the last estimation , and not including cost of land acquisation!  ]

these whinning animal noise coming from rafizi is uncalled for from my perspective oand i suspect of millions others who voted in pakatan harapan.
we voted with our feet down for change , YES! for change for the better.
we did not vote particularly for dap or keadilan.

for most of us keadilan is just a party controlled by a robust crowd of indian socialist lawyers hiding behind the popularity of dsai. take away dsai from keadilan, the party will fall flat on its face.
remember this: we want change and we are significant. you guys better get your act together and give that old man your 100 % support

we know that the monarchies have no love for tdm and would love to see dsai take charge rightaway.
we believe there are elements in keadilan and dap who would not to see tdm having two years at the helm as this will give pribumi time to breath and prosper.

but we , majority of the people who voted for you guys to be in do believe political consideration and infighting has to give way to real work at the top end.
there is much at stake and the complexities of the economic woes that befall us due to najib's avarice and stupidities need  clear head and massive experience to solve.

we believe if dsai and his young punks are too eager to be at the helm too soon, we will be in deeper soup as soon as we just about to get out of it.

that i believe is my very honest 2 cent worth, unadulterated and uncensored... and i think millions other malaysians who care share the same sentiment.

we need not apologies for we know if you guys muck this up we will vote you guys out,come ge15.
if i am you dsai, i will let the old man sort out all the problems, set up the institutions that need to be  propped up.
at 93 tdm will tire himself in say 2 years and your job from there will be much easier.
tdm is great at doing the dirty jobs!


dr nik howk

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