Saturday, August 9, 2008

Not So Pearl & Gem :Is There Life Beyond Anwar & Najib ?

Friends ,

Just 8 years ago the night DPM Anwar was sacked and sent to Bukit Aman ,while the whole of KL was tense and there were some street demo ,Dr M was noted to be 'cooling' his nerves riding his favourite horse at Bukit Kiara Equestrian Club .I scrawl a badly written note to Dr Siti Hasmah [that was pure madness but when you go ballastic what else can a poor citizen like me do] .

"..... your hubby is already 75 ,and he may need to meet his God anytime , and if he is not correct about Anwar I just wonder how he is going to explain to his God why he did what he did !I hope he is right !If Anwar is wrong he deserve more than a jail sentence .He deserve to be shot ! Both your husband and Anwar have let the Nation down ! "

My house phone went 'numbed' for a couple of days .My wife scolded me for being both dumb and crazy .It was obvious ,and we accept that we were being watched by 'Big brother' but it was all worth it ,at least I get that off my chest and able to maintain my sanity .Five long days later came the reply :

"...We have no choice .My husband was tipped off by SB for sometime .He picked Anwar because of his Islamic agenda .My husband can stomach the 'economic consequence'[ she must be referring to Mirzan's bailout by Petronas] but cannot accept 'this thing ' about him ....My husband has no choice but to act.......Only Allah knows ! " .Only Allah knows ,Dr Siti Hasmah wrote .

That was our former 1st Lady .Many now may despise Dr M for letting down the Nation by eroding the Judiciary, IPP deals to friends etc etc [ to be fair ,retrospectively we have a tendency to only remember the negatives ! ,and that is human ] but we can never get a better Ist Lady again like her .No 1st Lady in my book in the near future will come any better packaged than Tun Dr Siti Hasmah .Even though I did not agree with her reason and Dr M's action ,Tun Dr Siti Hasmah and myself ,we got on 'famously' after that letter .

As A citizen I was just doing my job sending her my 'dirty emails about what I thought of her husband's actions and inactions .The PM was behaving like a dictator ,his cabinet were filled by people who behave like poodles ,the feeling of the raayats need to be channeled .I was just playing a role of devil advocate .

I even gate crashed into A Sri Perdana 'do' for GPMS people one Ramadan night ,prayed beside Dr M but I never spoke a word to the old man .As a citizen I cannot forgive what he did to Tun Salleh Abas . That was a mortal sin and un-statesmanlike !You may say I may be suffering from a ' small man ' syndrome ,praying the Magrib prayer in his house ,by his side but refuse to talk nor shake hand with a great man .But even a small man must be given his day and that was my day I reckoned !

Now 8 years on we are back to square one .Is Anwar's case a malacious lie to kill off his political ambition and maintain the current UMNO status quo in Government despite it's increasing irrelevance , or is he really what they depicted :A brazen homosexual masquerading as a future post modern 'Saladin AlAyyubi' , the one that will bring the Muslim Ummah forward along with others in the Ist World ? The suave Muslim statesman who can court and dine and play ' balls ' with the American and the Kufr West and East and yet push the Islamic agenda ahead..., or just a lowly ' sodomist' in his private life .

Long after the court has adjourned and sentence being passed in the near future ,this question will never be answered .Only Allah and Dr Wan Azizah know .As Dr M succinctly put it recently ,the Appeal Court may have decided he was not guilty , but that does not mean he did not do it !

The political scenario is however very simple .The court case will go on .Come August 26th Anwar will win the Permatang Pauh by election hands down .The Mattress Extravaganza in court will take months .Anwar with his panache and winning ways in Parliament will be able to form the government in no time given the increasing irrelevance of UMNO nowadays .Pak Lah will find himself either deposed or will be an incoherent Head of Opposition .This man has been incoherent for sometime now anyway .The court case will by then be also irrelevant as irrelevant as the Altantuya case presently .

Scenario 11 ,Anwar still wins his by- election by as big a landslide as in earlier scenario,but by a stroke short of a miracle , could not turn around the Parliament .The court case goes on and found him guilty .He goes to jail .Syam Apakahnamadiadahtu become an instant bumiputra millionaire .Come 2010 ,Anak Pak Jab becomes the PM !His analyst friend ,Sirul and Co get off scot free : cannot prove beyond reasonable doubt that Altantuya may actually has accidentaly blown herself up by mistake at the material time of her death !

The 1 billion dollar question now is can we Malaysians live with the uncertainties surrounding Anwar ?Do we not have other choices ?Is there really a dearth of real political talents that we have to hang our future and our children's future on him ?Anwar may be innocent ,or he may be guilty ?Do we want to transfuse possibly 'tainted' blood into a bleeding patient or just throw the bag into a waste basket and re-order a new fresh one ?Do we have a fresh one ?

Is the Malaysian Muslim's ummah interest best served by Anwar's Pakatan ?There was a deafening silence from Sivarasa and Co on the Malaysian Bar 's issue on ' Conversion to Islam' .We do not expect Lim Kit Siang and Karpal Singh to be sympathetic to us on this issue or any issue for that matter as we know very well who they are .Has not the Malaysian Muslim ummah given in enough to the non Muslims Malaysian or is it a case of 'dah bagi peha nak beri semua pula' ?

They used to ask for a Merdeka University, there are more than a hundred now littering the Nation .They speak about equality and freedom of religion ,Selangor is littered with kuils at every nook and corner and no one has ever been prevented to practice or preach ,they talk about equal economic share ,my God ,80 % is still not enough !Go to London ,New York or Sydney and one will know what religious and economic freedom mean !In Switzerland today we learn that the Western liberal society ,as what they claim they are ,even are not happy to allow the only mosque there to even have a small minaret : so much for religious freedom .

This generosity by the host has to stop somewhere !And Anwar's Keadilan does not seem to know the edges .

Now what about Anak Pak Jab ?People's perception is very important .People perceive he cannot control his wife and his lust !Fullstop . It is just perception , no hard proven evidence .In a court of law ,no hard evidence , the case is thrown out ,the plantiff wins and you pay cost .In politics and election ,perception is everything !

The Altantuya's case is still on and will be for a few more months ,so far we are going round and round and none of the brilliant legal minds ever have the courage enough to ask publicly in court ,the most basic of question as to who is 'the big gun' behind these policemen ,Sirul and Co !Instead we are going round and round in circus .Again public perception .Is Rusmah Mansoor a chronic Mrs 10 % as is the popular public perception that she is ?Again all innuendoes but no evidence ,legal or otherwise .Just heresay .Public perception .Though in Malaysia for sometime in the past public perception seem to be correct ,rather than the watered down official version .Not now in this new openness under Pak Lah .

Yet again another case of possibly 'tainted' blood !Do we want to use it on our dying patient or thow it away and just re-order a new one ?

Is Muhyidin Yasin or Rais Yatim etc etc so inferior to Najib Tun Razak ,that he is irreplaceable or is feudalism so well entrenched in present day UMNO that it cannot be changed ?Is UMNO so impervious to change that it can afford not to care anymore about public perception ?Are individuals more important than the sum total ?Does UMNO still not believe the general perception that it is rotten to the core and need major cleansing ?Is UMNO still in a state of denial ?

What is happening to the young turks in PAS that they collectively cannot change the mindset of the old ones ?Is continuation of the PAS -UMNO dialogue too lowly for PAS that it is not worth having ?Is Islam to be limited to the parochiolism of Kelantan or the symbolism of the kopiah ?Or is Islam to be perceived as Allah's chosen universal solution to human problems on this planet Earth ,applicable to both Muslims and Non Muslims ?Is Islam cutting edge enough to be at the peripherry of scientific knowledge and that we Muslims should by now be slicing genes and breaking down the atoms for human endervour ?Or are we just happy with the kopiah symbol of backwardness , poverty and mediocrity ?

I am just a simple doctor plying my trade. I am not even a corporate surgeon or thinking politician .I have more questions than answers but in my opinion ,presently if we were to survive well the tightening 'vice' by the rest on our culture ,economics and religious interests ,we have to make a quantum leap forward .We have to think beyond Anwar and Najib !A major paradigm shift .Throw away the possibly 'tainted' blood into the dustbin of history and start afresh !

Was it Tun Musa Hitam who 30 years back told us to be a 'little bit kurang ajar' on our own turf ?The time is now .

Allahualam .


Anonymous said...

A typical MC Gay Gay snob!

Ex MC Gay Gay's are not useful to the general MALAY community anyway, but perhaps only useful to SOME of their network of Alumni buddies.

Some sort of low-class Freemason Societies or Fraternities.

Pegi dah!

Pearls & Gem said...

Anon ,TQ .
You from KE ,Clifford or St Mikail ?
Relax Bruder !