Thursday, August 14, 2008

Pearls & Gem : Imagine .........

Friends ,

Imagine .......

A whirlwind trip from Mekkah over the barren desert to Jerusalem's AlAqsa , and then many time swifter than light , to the outermost border of unreality into reality ,Sidratul Muntaha to meet the Absolute Reality .

You say : "Peace and Felicity to only Allah the Most High "

He replied : "Peace and Felicity to you ,messenger of Allah ,with My Rahmat and Berkat"

You replied :"Peace and Felicity to all of us abdals of Allah ,who are 'soleh' .I accept that there is no god but Allah and I accept that Muhammad is the messenger of Allah ."

The angels from down below boomed :"Our Lord ,give Peace and Felicity to Muhammad ."

Imagine .......Once back home with the Message you have to face clowns like Abu Lahabs and Arwa ,Abu Suffians and Hinduns and the likes of Abdullah bin Ubays............generations and generations of them !

"Imagine ..........
There is no heaven ,
Imagine there is no hell ,
...and there is no soul too,
....You may say I am a dreamer ,but I am not the only one ,not the only one ......"

John Lennon's Imagine leads to Rome , the other ,to Mekkah !
Pick your choice ....Without constant contact with the Absolute Reality ,we are just 'lonely people'.........' kubur masing masing !'


ARZ said...


While you "imagine", I take "the long and winding road"

Pearls & Gem said...

Yes Lee ,we live different lives and take different roads but insyaallah all lead to the same "aku naik saksi bahawasanya tiada Tuhan melainkan Allah dan Muhammad adalah pesuroh Allah "
Rupanya yang kita baca didalam tahiyat kita harian adalah 'opening gambit' semasa abdal yang bernama Muhammad mengadap Tuhan beliau di Sidratul Muntaha some 1400 years back .
I envy your travel Lee ,seeing those godforsaken places from the vintage point of a cyclist with time to 'stand and stare' ,while I am still stuck at my plumbing routine which I find a little addictive .
Increasingly now I also find 'unblocking blocked souls ' quite a challenge .Allahualam .