Thursday, August 28, 2008

Not So Pearl & Gem :I Do Not Know........

Friends ,

Frankly , I do not know whether I should feel sad or happy .

Anwar Ibrahim won with a bigger thumping majority .Just only more than 3000 votes than Wan Azizah's 13,00o ,some detractors from the other camp might say .But this is a Malaysian by-election in the hinterland of 'Serba Boleh' .With all the 'sumpah serapah' [that made a mockery of the sanctity of Islam] as preamble and the might of the government of the day brought to bear .

Again the nagging doubt ,'did he do it or did he not do it!?' playing in the mind .Was Rusmah ,and by association ,Najib guilty or not guilty as alledged ?GOK ,God Only Knows .Was Pak Lah a party to the crime ,by not taking proper wise action when the rumours initially cropped up ,or was he 100 % ignorant and sleeping on his 'job' ?Some detractors ,including Dr M ,might say he has been sleeping throughout .Again GOK ,God Only Knows !

This , my friends , is the land of 'Serba Boleh' ,pick your choice and make your stance .People of Permatang Pauh though have made their stance loud and clear .The government of the day can show blue film ,real or imagined ,repeat a thousand time ,of the guy with his 'Dick' fully erect and thrusting , shafting into the now world famous anus horriblis ,and yet the guy would have won with a much bigger majority .The people believe Nik Aziz and Abdul Hadi have more credibility than Pak lah ,Najib ,SyedHamid and the rest all combined ! Some may have doubt Anwar after the 'sumpah serapah' but very few doubt Tok Guru Nik Aziz 's sincerity [ and 'sixth' sense ] over his support for Anwar . This old man does not get easily excited over 'money' and power as Najib et al do .

This last minute support ,I believe ,was pivotal in the subsequent thrashing of UMNO .Such is the magnitude of the credibility gap present ,that whenever anyone on the side of the present government opens his mouth ,that very comment works against their candidate .What has gone wrong with the 'think tanking ' in UMNO nowadays !? Has it been relegated to a 30 plus year old Oxbridge graduate who obviously is still too' wet in between the ears '!

In Japan ,such heads of government would have disappeared in the wee hours of the night and in the privacy of their rooms ,quietly commit harakiri .Over here they can only proudly pronounce to the world that ,yes ,in Malaysia we are proud that democracy is working !It must have been a brilliant discovery on the part of Najib ! Democracy is actually working !

Is this going to be the dawn of a new era in Malaysian political development and maturity ?Where politicians and cronies ,top guns in government no longer have the blank cheques to sign and do as they wish or are we going to see more of the same ?Most importantly for us Malays Muslim ,are we just beginning to see the ugly head of Non Malays Muslim clamour for more of the flesh ?Do we have to move out of the veranda and stay in the cowshed ,having just given the master bedroom to the guest ?

Winning the election is simple ,Anwar might find ,and even moving right on to Putrajaya might not be too difficult given the current Raayats' dissapointment with UMNO and BN in general ,but running a pluralistic society such as ours ,with that many fault lines and divergence ,need more brain than what clowns like Bush and Blair have all combined !

Congratulations Anwar !
Dr Nik Howk

PS :
If you are going for the jugular this time around Anwar ,make sure your 'think tank' has in them that something extra called 'wisdom' to walk the 'mine field' that is Malaysia .

"This is not yet the end ,nor is it the beginning of the end .This is just the end of a beginning "...............
Sir Winston Churchill

“Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power.”...
Abraham Lincoln

"Do not doubt your power ,lest you give power to your doubt"
Some little known Greek philosopher

"Our typical Malaysian'Think Tank' advising big time Ministers, going for higher office ,normally brainstorm :a lot of storm by little brains "....
Dr Nik Howk

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