Monday, September 8, 2008

Do We Need to Apologise For Calling A Spade A Spade ?

Friends ,

I cannot sleep .I am sure Pak Lah ,Anak Pak Jab and a host of others cannot sleep as well for probably different reason ,losing their grip on the Nation perhaps ?.Suits me fine .Perhaps the best thing to do is to wake up and do the tahajjud and while doing that may I suggest to these people to do the Taubat prayer as well ,for they have a lot to taubat about .

Collectively they have all let us all down , the simple raayats who voted them in elections after elections ,despite some of them behaving like clowns and stooges , in the simple hope that their leaders could one day separate the leaves from the branches and ,Presto ! ,come out with the brilliant conclusion that they need to change !

Yes ,the whole lot of them ,including Dr M are at fault for taking the raayats trust and hope for granted !Especially Dr M .He and his great friend ,where is that chap now ,in Bermuda ?While in power they emptied the national coffers ,right left and centre ,enriched themselves ,their families and their cronies .UMNO became Urban Malay National Organisation ,a body comprising of corporate pirates specialising in daylight robbery and plunder .

A 200 million ringgit project would become inflated to 550 .Now even a 2nd hand submarine become a couple of billion rm transaction .Never mind ,throw in an astronaut or two to make the stupid raayats happy .The last time I heard ,someone very lucky got a 250 million rm soft loan to play around with 'lembu' .

This may not be right at all and in any court of law may be very difficult to prove , but yet again by the very end of Dr M's tenure ,do we still have a reputable Court of Law ?.This can be heresay but yet again that is the general impression .Just general impression .Dr M is a great man but towards the end of his career his vision got blurred . Again another general impression and very public heresay .

The once impregnable UMNO is now looking very much like a sandcastle ,with clowns and court jesters to the brim ,unable to change and living in the past .Permatang Pauh is just the end of a beginning but let me tell about Permatang Pauh [ I was not there] from the viewpoint of a young man ,a patient of mine ,most probably a diehard UMNO man I initially reckon ,or at least his father was a card carrying member of UMNO .An engineer ,Manchester graduate ,same year as the Oxbridge chap still 'wet in between the ears' .

I saw him 2 days before the By-election as he came into my consultation room ,with his young family in tow ,for a reassurance of an atypical chest pain,and reassurance he got .He told me he was going to Permatang Pauh .I did not ask him who he would vote as 'we are supposed to be' apolitical' .A week later he came back for a review of his blood results .All normal I told him .

I asked him about Permatang Pauh .He blurted out he voted for Anwar even though he initially drove all the way from KL to Seberang Jaya just to make sure his parents and relatives would deny Anwar of their votes !Anwar would sell the Malays ,Doc ! .Anwar would push the currently marginalised Malays in their own Land to the very fringe of existence ,like the Red Indians in America .The media savvy non Malay non Muslim 'sudah naik toncang' ,bagi peha sudah mau lebih .Where in the world can you get a Hindu temple at every nook and corner built wherever they like and whenever they like ?How many percent of Malaysians are Hindus anyway Doc ?How many Malay billionaires are there compared to the likes of Ananda Khrisnan and the ' new bumiputra' Apakahnamadiadah Tan ?Etc Etc . My God !this young man is an angry young man ! , I thought to myself .

Yet this young non Oxbridge UK graduate ,son of a Permatang Pauh farmer , a product of UMNO's affirmative action voted for Anwar ,The Traitor to his race . The guy who is going to sell his ummah to be in Sri Perdana !The guy who have sold his soul to CIA ! This guy whom many would like us to believe has an unsatiable love for the 'buntut' !

He told me he got tired of seeing KJ talked about religion ,he almost vomited having to see Saiful's swearing been played a thousand time on the video at the UMNO posts ,evrywhere he went he saw UMNO ministers and speakers attacking Anwar The Traitor personally , while the other side was discusing economics and the politics of business !He was embarassed that his UMNO has degenerated to such low level that even simple people in Permatang Pauh would have voted for a monkey but not UMNO !

Unlike him ,I am not a card carrying member of any political party .But yes ,I have difficulty sleeping nowadays .Too many questions left unanswered .

If September 16th does happen ,is really Anwar capable of running the country ?Are we going to be more marginalised politically and economically in our own Land ?Will there be chaos ?Will 'they' be lagi 'naik tonchang' and is Anwar capable of handling this ?Do we need to apologise for being a marginalised marjority in our very own country ?Do we need to apologise at all for calling a spade a spade ?Do we need to apologise for being too accomodative to a fault and yet be almost a 'pengemis di Tanah Air sendiri' ?

If September 16th does not happen will UMNO change it's colours and philosophy ?Will clowns in UMNO be allowed still a free run of the economy and continue their plunder .Will Najib be able to surrvive up to 2010 and be the PM ?Is this a bridge too far for him ? Not that I care because I think we have better alternatives in UMNO and elsewhere ! Najib , then Hishamuddin ,then KJ .What the heck ,they think Malaysia is still feudal politically and it is their god given right to be there !

Or are we going to see a better governance from underated leaders like Rais yatim ,Muhyiddin Yassin etc etc ?Is Pak Lah still capable of running the country or should he just call it a day and retire into obscurity ?Or is this just a simple issue of Jeanne not yet 'puas'' with being the 1st Lady ?

Is PAS capable of modulating the excesses of clowns in PKR [ like that Petra fellow ,lately ] and the extremists in DAP ,if Anwar does come to power ?Are the young turks in PAS able to stamp their influence or are they just going to play to the PAS gallery and amble along and grow old gracefully with their kopiahs ?Is PAS capable of selling ISLAM to the non Muslims as the answer to Universal ills or are they just going to remain parochial as they have done the last 30 years ?Are they capable of that quantum leapt or are they just going to remain passive and be yet another symbol of Muslim stagnation and mediocrity ,adding to an already long list ?

I think I might as well go and do my tahajjud and add a 2 rakaat istikarah prayer as well .Too late to 'disturb' the wife now !

Dr Nik Howk


Anonymous said...

Yeah Doc. Too many questiones, too little answers or none at all.

I hope you are managing your stress level well.


Anonymous said...

Yes Doc. Keep on asking questions. Hopefully we can get some answers. Just hope those 'yang terasa pedasnya' should be punished accordingly.


Pearls & Gem said...

Amek ,

I am not sure whether come Sept 16th ,Anwar et al can has the backbone to come up with the right answers and whether his colleagues in PAS understand the gravity of the situation .

An apology is merited if ,like our fellow Indonesian neighbours , issues like vernacular schools ,languages ,and Sekolah Warisan will no longer raise temperature and win or lose elections .

One cannot insist to want to have the cake and eat it at the same time .Thinking for myself ,I do not want my children and grandchildren to move away from the veranda into the cowshed .If at all we want to move right back to the bedroom !

Anonymous said...

Idealistic Professionals living in an imperfect world and trying to promote Utopia.

How odd?

As a side-note, this blogger have the cheek in putting some (or if not most) of the blame on Tun Dr. Mahathir. You see, blaming others is easier, than 'muhassabah diri'. The 22 years of the old man's service to the nation is not worth a single praise, is it!?

But the ironic part of this blog is that it is usually Mahathir who normally calls a spade a spade - and he has never apologised for doing so - even though to what he 'had purportedly done' to the populist Anwar!

Now, that is consistency! - or is it 'istiqamah' as they say it in Islam!? - unlike most of those political 'players', leaders, speakers & even some 'clown pemidato' though, who can virtually 'bend & twist' iron & steel with their mere tongue it seems!

But aah..... it seems though, that the world is more fascinated with such clowns and characters. Pity!


P.S. > No wonder that the evil Illuminati have a good grip literally over the whole of the world in their New World Order agenda - because the perhaps the whole world is infested with fools !!

There are too many fools within our midst, who reckon they are wise and who have long acquired wisdom! Pity, false reckoning.

Remember - Being trained & educated (like those engineers & doctors - as an example), DOES NOT necessarily mean that one is knowledgeable !!!!

Education (Organised ones i.e.) and Knowledge are two different spheres !!! And always, always, always - Do remember this !!!

Pearls & Gem said...

Precisely put Anon ,we live in an imperfect world .If you read in between the line ,I suspect Anwar's Pakatan will come to blows 6 mths down the lane .
Too many fault lines ,too many divergence .Malaysia ,without wisdom ,is ungovernable .
But what has the old man left us after 22 years ?Apart from Putrajaya ,KL Twin Tower and almost ,Bakun Dam...
A weak successor ,mostly sleeping on the job.....
A fractured judiciary...
A divided weak UMNO...that even clowns like Tsu Koon and co. can ask in public for more apology...

Pearls & Gem said...

....and if I may add ,a 'feudalistic' UMNO ,loaded with rules and regulation , that is impervious to change .

Knowledge Anon is not enough .It is far from wisdom .

Anonymous said...

What is it with you and Dr M? You blame the man for everything that happens! I think you 're being biased and unfair. I think Dr M is the type who calls a spade a spade! You cannot blame the present UMNO failure on the poor man. You are like what UMNO is trying to do to Anwar, over doing to the point of shooting your own foot. Try another subject for discussion, UMNO is irrelevant, for some of us we dont watch the news anymore, just sickening.