Friday, September 12, 2008

Pearls & GeM :I Put It To You , Sir......

Friends ,

The science of Tawheed was non- existent during Rasulallah's time as the principle of Unity of Allah was as straightforward as A,B ,C then but as Islam began to spread across the globe into Zorastrian Persia ,trinitarian Christian and polytheistic Hindu hinterland s and cross its path into Greek classical thinking and philosophy there were abberations and cracks in the actual appreciation of 'There is no god but God' and the science of Tawheed became a neccesity.

Even now if you ask a Christian , a Jew or a Hindu ,who is the Creator ,they will unanimously say Allah !This was even noted in the Quran :
"If you asked them who created them ,they would surely say ,Allah ." Surah Al Zukhruf [ 43 :87 ]

"If you asked them who brings down water from the sky and with it brings life after its death ?They will most certainly say ,Allah ." Surah Al Ankabut [ 29 :63 ]

But yet none of them were Muslims as :
"Most of them do not believe in Allah except while joining partners to Him " Surah Yusoff [ 12 :106 ]

And of equal importance to us present day practising Muslims across this small global village ,of course is :
"Those who do not rule by what Allah has revealed are disbelievers !" Surah Al Maidah [ 5 :44 ]
Mashaallah !!!! Disbelievers !Nothing 'utopian' as a 'very clever with words' cynic put it earlier .There is no 2 ways about it .Either you are on the side of Allah or you are with 'Bush et al' !

We do not have to hide behind Islam Hadhari or any other Islam of any shade or colour ,to appear more acceptable to people .There is only one Islam i.e Islam as brought forth ,preached and practised by Prophet Muhammad .Fullstop .

Very difficult to swallow ? Let us examine one well known prophetic conversation with a newly converted sahabat some 1450 years ago :

On one occasion ,the Prophet's companion ,Adi ibn Haatim ,who was a convert from Christianity ,heard the Prophet recite the Quranic verse , "They have taken their rabbis and monks as lords besides Allah" Surah At Taubah [ 9 :31 ]

So he said :'Surely we did not worship them ',The Prophet turned around to him and said "Did they not make forbidden what Allah had made allowable ,and you all made Haram and did they not make Halal what Allah made Haram and you all made it Halal ?He replied ,'We certainly did .' The Prophet then said ,"That was how you worship them .' Hadith Al Termizi .

Hence ,a significant part of Tawheed al Ibadah involves the implementation of Shariah especially in lands where Muslims form the majority of the population .Divine law has to be re introduced in the many so-called Muslim countries where governments now rule according to imported capitalist or communist or socialistic constitutions ,and Islamic law is either totally extinct or relegated to a few areas of minor importance .

Likewise ,Muslim countries ,where Islamic law is on the books but secular laws are in force ,have also to be brought in line with the Shariah as it pertains to all aspects of life .The acceptance of non Islamic rule in place of Shariah in Muslim lands is SYIRIK and an act of KUFR .Fullstop .No argument about it !

Those in a position to change it must do so ,while those unable to do so must speak out against the rule of KUFR and call for the implementation of Shariah .If even this become impossible ,un-Islamic government must be sincerely hated and despised for the pleasure of God and the upholding of Tawheed .

{Some parts of this blog are exceprt from "The Fundamentals of Tawheed" by Abu Ameenah Bilal Phillips , a Jamaican by birth ,Canadian by upbringing ,and above all Muslim by profession .}

Mashaallah !! It is writings like this that made me wanting to be just that greenish slime in between the rocks , several milenium from now while waiting ,all dusty ,dishevelled ,bewildered and frightened ,for my turn to move across that abyss into Hell !

Make one wonder why those millions of RM changing hands for years back in earthly distant place once called Malaysia ,just to be a god forsaken leader among men , called UMNO division head !The going rate in 2004 was a couple of millions .For a vice president within the Supreme Council positions ,if you have less than 10 million RM , you do not talk my friends .

But at the end of the road to be grilled unceremoniously :
" I put it to you ,Sir ,that while you were the substantive PM of Malaysia for so and so years ,you have not made any substantive move towards the actual Islamization of Malaysia .In fact during your term you have politically surpressed Islam and organizations Islamic in nature and spirit to nurture and grow .I put it to you that you were rather more comfortable making unholy alliance with the kufar than work sincerely and closely with those who are expressedly working for Islam .That you have put self ,family and friends interests before country ,ummah and Allah . "......urrrrgh

Who still wants to be PM ,having to carry all those excess baggage ?

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