Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Pearls & Gem :A Couple of Milenium Forward ,A Couple Back

Friends ,

Fast forward ourselves a couple of milenium forward :a big group of us ,naked ,dusty from heads to toes ,disorientated ,bewildered ,frightened huddled together like cattle waiting to be slaughtered ,by the abyss ,beyond which lies Hell.The Lord of The Universe say :

"This is the Hell of which ye were [repeatedly] warned ![63] Embrace ye the [ Fire ] this day ,for that ye persistently rejected [ truth ] ![64] "
Surah Yassin [ 36 : 63 ,64 ]

Leaders of nations ,CEO's ,COO's ,head of families ,lawyers ,doctors ,shakers and movers of societies ,gardeners ,plumbers.......

We chose to live by our standards ,Westminster style ,socialism ,democracy ,capitalism ,philosophy , ,secularism and all .We traded at the market place according to our law of the jungle :maximum profit ,minimum loss .We dressed as we please .Some squandered ill gotten wealth like they would live a thousand years .Worse than that crazy ,lonely schezophrenic that paced the street corners picking junks and all .We satisfied our biological need as if there was no tomorrow .We lived like as if we have no souls !

But yet a couple of milenium years back we all have been forwarned :

"If only then we could see when the guilty ones will bend low their heads before their Lord ,[ saying ] :Our Lord ! We have seen and we have heard.Now then send us back [ to the world ] .We will work righteousness .For we do indeed now believe ."
Surah Sajdah [ 32 : 12 ] .

By now closely huddled together by the abyss beyond which lies Hell , we all wished we were never ever been born at all or just that slimy growth among the rocks.

We have been forwarned .We read Surah Yassin and the Quran just like parrots . Many of us did believe ,but that 'time' would be a couple of milenium forward .Will cross the bridge when we reach it .

When our life are just measured by that finite number of breath left ,that couple of milenium forward ,could just be tonight !Mashaallah !

Friends ,shakers and movers of society ,wake up !

Dr Nik Howk


Anonymous said...

thank you Doc for this kuliah subuh.

I'm in KGNS library, as usual in the mornings. How timely. Last nite the guru at Masjid ABu Bakar was narrating verses from Surah As-sajdah and Yassin, as reminders.

Terpanggil sekarang to open the Quran Explorer in my laptop.

TQ for reminder.

Kaki Speda

Pearls & Gem said...

Frankly Lee ,I cannot sleep actually thinking back about that limitation of the 'measured' breath .Ours are just like that panel in our car.Some of us are already on 'reserve' but it is always nice not to know .Put it that way life really is quite fragile .
I envy you guys when you see your 'doctors' .The assurance we tend to give ,to put you guys at ease , to win the 'psyhce' to 'heal' faster etc etc .
To be actually frankly blunt ,'life is really fragile ' from our perspective .
"Ignorance is bliss" .
May your Ramadan and mine be a blessed one !Insyaallah !