Thursday, September 18, 2008

Not So Pearl & Gem : Anwar Is A Bad Poker Player ...

Friends ,

16 Sept has come and gone !Nothing is moving .Anwar may be showing his true colour .Very high on rhetorics and nothing up there .If before we can blame his advisers ,??KBJ et al for advising to go direct to the jugular too prematurely and underestimating the strengh of his enemy ,now who is his adviser or think tank ?? Nik Nazmi ,that young punk ?Also following in the ways of Pak Lah with his KJ ?

Should have stayed quiet ,work very hard on the current 5 States under Pakatan .Pump in massive amount of Arab fund .Bring in development to Kelantan ,Perak , Selangor ,kedah and Penang and then win the 'Erection' .

If Anwar is a poker player probably he is the type who get hyper excitable early when he has a pack of good cards .Hardly 'great news' for a future PM material .Belum cukup cerdik lagi or 'tak cerdik sokmo' !How to play ball with the US ?

Dr Nik Howk

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