Friday, September 19, 2008

Not So Pearl & Gem :Let Us Separate The Leaves And Twigs from The Tree

Friends ,

"Say : Truly , my prayer , my sacrifice , my life and my death are all for Allah , Lord of all the worlds " [Surah Al An'am 6 : 162] .

Very strong definitive words that separate the leaves ,twigs and branches from the tree .I wished when Pak lah met his deputy yesterday he was of clear mind and healthy body to be as definitive as the above Ayat.Let us examine the facts :

1.Malaysia is in turmoil .Of course it is not yet Thailand ,Stupid ! .With due respect to Pak Lah ,currently it seem rudderless ,to be blunt , leaderless !

2.Economic indices are spiralling down .Yes one can blame that as off 2 days ago to Lehman Brothers and Merryl Lynch .But just look at 1 counter alone ,Sime Darby for instance ,our biggest single conglomerate .Since Synergy Drive [ whose brilliant idea is this anyway ? The 4th Floor Boys ?] ,this giant has been spiralling down from 13 plus RM per share to the present miserable 6 plus !This represent 20 billion RM paper loss .60 % of this is hard earned "Bumiputra 'money !!Your ASB 's and my ASN .This is just one counter ,mind you ,not withstanding the meteoric rise in CPO .Let us not examine the other counters lest you get a cardiac arrest .

3.Now we have Pak Lah in Defence and Mr Najib looking at Finance .Some joked that this is OK with a proviso that the Mrs is at least 5 kilometres away from the Ministry of Finance and remain that way .That to me is below the belt ,a rude joke of course !Some even surmised that Pak Lah wanted to look into the 'goings on in Defence ' spending the last couple of years .An even worse joke !C'mon give the old man some credit ! He is doing his level best .The one billion dollar question now though is : Is Pak Lah's very level best good enough for the Nation now .In CCU lingo the 'patient' is in pulmonary oedema ,choking to death with his own body fluid backlogged in the lung , and the doctor in charge is still waiting for the blood test results before giving the IV 's .Pak Lah the man seem to be tottering on all fours and dont seem to know what he is doing now !With all due respect to Mr Najib ,his B A [econs] from Nothingham University years back may not be enough panacea to deal with the current global crisis .He lacks experience when experience and wisdom and a sixth sense are most wanted !Even Dr M and his own banker brother aknowledge this today .

Now more than ever before , responsible and thinking people in UMNO must be hoping for TIME to move very fast .Even December seem very far away .They would now wished that UMNO 'erection' would not be so 'convoluted ' and complex that just to change 'course' you would nearly need to break the PARTY .Whose fault was this in the first place ?

For the rest of the raayats like us ,non card carrying members of any party ,we have to wait with bated breath of what is in store for us all .A tyranny imposed by the elite few on the many !

Will it be the ???consensual 'sodomist' with his diagonally 'fractured' band of people ,or Mr Najib ,tainted , 'pregnant' and weighed down by extra baggage and 'unproven' slander or Ku Li with his band of merry men , to pull all of us out of this self imposed quigmire ?

The feeling on the ground is ,anyone of them ,just anyone of them could be better than the 'autopilot' state we have been in the last couple of years .We do not want to end 'John Denver style' somewhere in the desert sand somewhere when the gas run empty .It seem now December is too , too far away .


Anonymous said...

AAB, by handing over the economic portfolio to his deputy, finally admitted that, of course by implication, he is no good at managing the nation's economy. Economics is not his cup of tea.

It's not a time for a cheer yet as an equally blindman is now at the helm of the ministry of finance. With an economics degree earned in the early seventies and with no significant exposure to the minstry of finance, my advice is: don't expect that much from the handover.

Yes, one may say that he can bring in a team of experts and professionals to aid him but if the members of the team are all cronies, a true economic reform whcih the nation needs badly now, cannot take place.

Now the world economy is in turmoil, the worst since the economic depression of the twenties. Hence, the transfer of the finance portfolio to Najib can never be at a time worse than this.

If he fails to steer the economy through a very rough sea right now, his leadership might go down the drain as well.

As I said earlier, our economy is badly in need or major revamp. This is further compounded by the need to come up with the right policies and strategies to face up to the challenges of ensuing world economic crisis.

I don't think Najib is a reform-minded manager. Under AAB, he is a proven yes man. My observation is he never say things that AAB won't be pleased with. He always toes the line. That is how he survives politically in UMNO.

How can we expect a leader of that character to institute reform, let alone major reform.

On this reason alone, it's fair that Malaysians are now demanding for a change of the government. And change will happen.

Pearls & Gem said...

Well said Anon .

I dare say and bet that when Mr N takes over the Finance portfolio ,his first priority would not be economics ,but to kill off all 'lifelines' feeding Mr A .Another feud at the economic level that we Bumis can ill afford .This has happened in the past and will happen again with more vengeance .

Every time there is a PM change ,the number of bumi millionaires and entreprenuers decreased due to unnecessary 'bloodletting' .Never seem to happen with other communities ,they actually increase with more players .

That is why I feel ,like you ,we need a government change ,if not now ,at least a major 'cosmetic makeover' in December .

As a non card carrying member of any party ,my gut feeling between a government change now ie a takeover by Mr A and gang ,and a December 'major makeover' ,I am tilting to the makeover .

Just a gut feeling ,no strong emotion of who should takeover . .That one ,the Devil we know ,The new angels ,we do not know .I am wary of the dynamics in Pakatan .

Mr A must realise there is a high price attached to HIndraf and DAP support and I just wonder aloud whether we will end up paying too much ?

But what the heck ,the bottomline is any change will be good for all of us

Pearls & Gem said...

Addendum :

Mr A has 3 years and 5 States to showcase to the world at large that his 'system' could be better .With his influence amongst his 'Arab' friends he could be instrumental in bringing in billions of Arab fund to these States .

There are trillions of Muslim fund post 911 waiting to find decent'airports' to land .It is dowable but Mr A is living to his colour : he has to be a rauble rouser and take Malaysia by storm.I am not hinting on his personally life yet .That one we do not know .Only God Knows !