Saturday, November 1, 2008

Not So Pearl & Gem : The Altantuya / Mr Razak Paradox

Friends ,

So Mr Baginda has been acquitted .Alhamdullillah .Good for him and his family .As a simple minded fellow trying to understand the mechanics and dynamics of law in this country I am still baffled beyond comprehension .

Well I am just a simple doctor with simple mind .If a patient landed up dead at my doorstep ,1st thing I would do is confirmed that he is actually dead ,beyond any form of salvageable effort that could pull him back to this side of the domain .Then the whys and how .The circumstances contributing to the death etc etc.

In the Altantaya / Mr Razak's case ,no one ,from persecution ,defense ,and not even the trial judge ,seem to be interested in the whys and how , the motives stupid ,the motives ! .There seem to be a 'devil's pact' between persecution and defense to just play balls only in a specific kind of way .Devoid of embarassing clumsy arkward kind of cross examinations .To the point we raayats mostly have lost our interest in the case

There was a saying years back during the infamous trial by peers of Tun Salleh Abas or the Vincent Tan vs some correspondent ,the raayats got the impression if your counsel knows perfect' Queen's English 'you can escape with murder or get someone not guilty 'hanged' for a crime he did not commit .This one is the reverse ,one get the impression the lawyers involved are a pack of amatuers !

No one seem to be wanting ,in fact everyone seem to be actively avoiding ,to ask the one million dollar question : Who is the clown behind these two chaps who were alleged to have bumped off Altantaya .It is as if they just happened to meet her one day in KL while 'lepaking' in the Mid Valley Mall and happened not to like her Mongolian face ,so decide to collectively bump her off .In the process try some fancy stuff from Central Armoury to see how the firework work .

Or perhaps Ms Altantuya herself did it as a return favour .Anything goes in this Boleh Land !

For many simple people like me across Malaysia we are still baffled .It is as if our court people ,do wear perfect blinkers !Do not look left or right ,just look straight ahead ,and make sure blokes ,always ask the 'right' questions .

"Don't worry about Sirul and his friend ,we can deal with them later .This is Boleh Land .Semua bisa diatur .Cosmetic surgery . Extreme makeovers .A couple of millions compensation .Can perhaps be based in USA or UK to 'spy' on Obama or Gordon Brown .Better still do some extreme makeovers and seduce Anwar ! A third sodomy case will certainly kill his political career ! Semua boleh "

That could well be what is going on in most people's mind now,but friends we are already on "subjudice' territory here .Be careful .

Jokes aside , the raayats are already up to the nose with these stupid antics .Pleaseeeee ,we are not stupid .OK we are quite stupid to tolerate you guys for 50 years but we are not that stupid now !Can we have a better judiciary and better leaders please .

The new Lord President certainly has a lot of work cut out for him .Good luck Yang Arif !

Dr Nik Howk

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Anonymous said...

Dear Dr Nik,

Sometimes, I feel our judiciary is just like a circus.
Today's acquital of some VIP's son is another paradox of our court.
Being doctors, we always forget that the law is blind.
Actually, the poor 63yr-old doctor was murdered by the justice system of Malaysia.
As a layman in law, I see it as the demise of justice.

Dr Rahmat.