Sunday, November 30, 2008

Not So Pearl & Gem :The Malay Dilemma or.... of Leh Budu, Lembu Corporate and all that Jazz...........

Friends ,

Take Bandar Permaisuri ,an example of typical brand new suburb ,one of the many ,dottering the Federal Capital .On one side of the a long street you have big bungalows and huge semi dees on top of a hill within a gated community ,all at least one million RM and above ,almost without doubt 100 % Chinese .Just across the street lines and lines of low rise and high rise apartment blocks ,low cost and at best medium cost ,at night saddled with Mat Rempits reeving and racing their bikes .90 % Malays with a sprinkling of Chinese and some Indians , the apartment owners I mean .As for the Mat Rempits ,they are 100 % Malays .Let us not talk about dadah ,less we get more depressive .

That is the economy my friends .Let us move on to something more cheerful .Politics for instance !

In one corner we have Madam Shahrizad mounting the final attack on the presidency for the UMNO Women's wing .Some people in the know alleged that her recently retired husband got lucky and landed himself a 'soft soft' free of interest government loan of 200 millions RM to dabble in 'lembu' .I am not sure how far this is true ,just informed rumour from informed sources .Though I definitely know for sure as previous CEO of Technology Park in KL , 'lembu' is not his cattle of fish .

In the other corner we have Madam Rafidah .All of us know her from the AP King scandal ,which to date had not had a proper ,satisfactory and profound rebuttal as yet from the both the government of the day and she herself .That is the state of our politics at present.Everthing best swept under the carpet .Public memory is necessarily short and we are a very gentle and accepting type of people .

Go one scale down we have a young still wet in between the ears punk ,Oxbridge basic degree holder no doubt . Make one wonder in 2008 how many of them actually still walking down the street of KL ,still jobless ,among the thousands of jobless graduates ,local and overseas ?But this one is extra special .His father in law is the present PM ,therefore he is extra bright .Head a small group of similarly wet in between the ears bright yuppies like him advising the PM to his present downfall !

On the other side we have KT who make even that Mentri Besar ,who was caught with so many millions in his briefcase but does not know a word of English , look like a saint .Along with Mr M whose father redefine our Malaysian understanding of the word nepotism .Nepotism by Mr M Senior's standard is 'when it is practised by your predecessor ,but if it happened during your own time ,it is necessary wisdom !'.

On the other side of the world we have Anwar .People like me oftentimes wonder whether Anwar has a soul .He is the new kid on the block and our big hope for an that 'alternative ' government that can replace the present one that people ,rightly or wrongly perceive as being rotten to the 'core' and beyond any form of change or redemption .The billion ringgit question in most Malays like me is whether Anwar will also sell our souls in his haste to Sri Perdana in Putrajaya .


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Pearls and Gem said...

I warned about this impropriety in giving 'soft loan' some 3 years ago when the loan was 1st conceived. No one took notice because this is MALAYSIA SEMUA BOLEH.

Today we have a high ranking chap from PDRM saying in the nartional media that there is no CBT.

CBT of No CBT my friend is not the issue, even thouhg it look like it was CBT, now well coumauflaged. This is not about CBT. This kind of thing dont happen in a 1st World country, or even Sinapo or even Thailand !

when will our politicians, top civil servants and political masters get matured enough that it is not a question of cbt but that when you are in a position of power,
' you cannot have the cake and it eat as well., that govt projects, big loans and etc etc cannot involve your familles.......otherwise be a taxi driver, a doctor or a pharmacist or a dancer.

Ronald Reagan's son was a dancer....he did not buy old junk ships from the hongkies, get conned and ask petronas to pay for it.
Margaret Thatcher's son, after being drummed by the opposition in britain was a 2nd hand car salesman in USA
Ken Livingstone or Red Ken, the London City mayor went to work using the tube and lived with his girlfriend in a bedsitter.

Of course we do not expect cbt in nfc........our standard of soft govt loan procurement and running of companies must be higher than that.
If we wait for cbt to happen and say things like these, forever we will remain Third World !

I have my favourite 'profanities' and swear words but it is not printable here.......Teganun people may take exception to it.
but on 2nd thot why not ......" woh ayok mok mung !"

These bloody nonsense,Madam dear,we raayat cannot stomach them anymore.
Not in 2011

nik howk