Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Of Musang King ,Yoga and that clown called Sami Vellooo

Friends ,

Admittedly the best tasting durian now is no longer the D24 variety .If you have not yet heard of Musang King then you are not in the durian scene .Previously known as Durian Kunyit amongst the Malays,was priced lower than D24 .Then the Chinese discovered it !Then the Singaporean Chinese tasted it .Rebranded as Musang King !No longer available for lowly Malays like me since the rebranded durian kunyit is only for Singaporeans at 20 RM per kilo .Leave this 'rebranding exercise' to the Chinese ,they can even sell old teh tarik at 10 RM per cup or if they stretch their imagination harder , even their 'recycled mother in laws' as fresh virgins !

What is Musang King to us ,or for that matter any durian ,minus the smell ?Pretty worthless .Probably worse than the cheap Thai durians they sell at Giants [ mind you Giants are now Hongkies ,no longer Malaysians ,so next time your wives go 'bingeing' advice them to think also of poor Mydin !I could still remember young Mydin sitting in front of his father's sundry shop near the world famous Zain Building ,near that equally world famous Bata Shop ,in Kota Bharu way back in the early 60's ]

That bring us to the current issue of Yoga .The fatwa is long time coming actually .What is Yoga without the spiritual aspect of it .It is no longer Yoga but a series of movements .But Yoga is Yoga and if you happened to be the unlucky blokes who sit in the National Fatwa Committee ,how are you going to judge Yoga ?

If one takes the Federal Highway and drive westward ,at the middle of your journey you get to Shah Alam ,carry on further the end of the road is Port Klang .In Yoga ,even if you feigned complete ignorance , the beginning are pure physical movement ,but the spirit of Yoga ,Dr Zuraidah Atan et al my dear ,is idol worship .There is no two way about it .Mind you ,Yang Berbahagia Dr Abdul Shukor and the learned Council of Ulama' he chairs , are going to carry the collective 'sins' of millions if they decide wrongly .Let us all not follow Sisters out of Islam in yet again re-starting this sickly new hobby of Ulama' bashing by putting Islamic religious issues on the mainly secular , ignorant , so called National Press !The Sun for example is fanning the issue as far as I can see .Islam and the Quran is not yet for sale.If we Muslims do not respect our ulama' do not expect Karpal Singh or Govind Deo to do that .

Even years back I have no qualms about it being Fatwa-ed as haram knowing the background , and being honest if you guys wake me up from my dreams at 3 am and ask me whether Yoga is halal or haram for us Muslims ,I say it is haram without even needing to think .It is lawful no doubt but who is speaking about the law ?

That does not mean Dr Ramli the dancer or Dr Zuraidah Atan the new champion of Yoga or that lady who just put in her 3 million RM investment in a Yoga centre cannot go on practising Yoga if they insist on doing so .Carry on , but the rest of us Malaysian Muslims ,the great silent majority , would like to thank Dr Abdul Shukor and his group of Ulama' for their due delibration on this long expected fatwa advisory .

Why are clowns like Sami Vellooo and chairman of Malaysian Tamil Sangam Society feeling bad about the fatwa .You guys go and fly kites ,this is not your affair !Since when do we have to consult these clowns to come up with a fatwa advisory .A fatwa advisory is a fatwa advisory and it is up to the States to pick up from there .We all accept that a National Fatwa Council is a necessary evil ,that is beyond doubt ,otherwise we can get a discordant fatwa in Kelantan and another in Johore .Just need to get the right 'brains' in the council ,from religious viewpoint ,sciences etc etc .I am sure it is not a pleasure to deliberate on a fatwa .

If a Sultan or two feel slighted about the fatwa advisory ,they are doing it at their very own perils .Yes you may take your time to sit on this ,that is your right but you guys should thank the National Fatwa Committee for coming up with this very high time fatwa advisory .Mind you it is just advisory but at the end of the day please deliberate and tell us whether you guys are willing to take on the 'collective sins ' of the millions ,if the Fatwa is correct .

This is Pak Lah's Malaysia .Clowns like Sami Vellooo et al no longer know when to speak and when it is proper to keep quiet !

Dr Nik Howk

PS :If people like Dr Zuraidah Atan want to bring down their high blood pressure and stress level down via alternative holistic mode they can do more effectively by prayers ,zikir etc etc ,need not be yoga .But if they still insist on Yoga ,go ahead .This is a free country .You are free to choose your stand if you still must insist on wallowing in your ignorance !

To quote the late Prof HAMKA :"....dan satu di antara berbagai kesulitan kearah universal acceptance of Islam itself adalah umat nya sendiri yang telah di tentukan oleh sejarah bernama umat 'Islam ' ,tetapi belum mencapai 'hakikat Islam '.

Allahualam !


Anonymous said...

Dear Dr Nik,

What is your opinion on pengkid/tomboy? Majlis Fatwa had ruled it as haram. As far I see it, these tomboys are victims (patients) of BrainSex disorder. What happen during 8 weeks of pregnancy is crucial. Nak jadi lelaki lembut, pondan atan pengkid masa tu lah (8weeks gestation period). Only God has absolute control over the event.

I have observed during my practice that almost all pengkids have longer ring compared to index finger, which indicates role of testosterone intra-uterine life of XX foetus.

Because of the male brainsex circuitary developes during 1st semester of pregnancy, an XX foetus has no way to go agains her biology.

If a pengkid wants to marry a woman, that is HARAM. But their existence is God's artistist creation, should not be condemned.


Dr Rahmat

Pearls & Gem said...

That ,I am afraid ,has a lot of grey area .Same with 'lelaki lembut '.

I think the Ulama' are looking beyond Pengkid/lelaki lembut .They are looking at the sequelae ie lesbianism and homosexuality .

Berat dan susah jadi ulama' ni Doc Rahmat ,because if make a mistake you carry the burden of collective 'sin' .

I remember an ulama' who has a phd in theology from Michigan and a master in microbiology lamenting to me his frustation during one of his clinic visit to see me saying that he just came back from an ulama' consensus meeting to clarify their position on 'that apakahnamadia dah tu the new 'genetic food '[ I am not getting the word right but i think you know what i mean ].One woman ulama' from UIA was adamant : HARAM !

At the end of the day ,they need to redefine what and who constitute an ulama '.need to increase feedback from people of the sciences .Say fore example if they are discussing on astronomy ,then even Dr Mazlan , our space scientist,could be co opted for that discussion as an ulama' etc etc.

Having said that the ongoing ulama' bashing cannot be good for our ummah .This encourage clowns like sami Vellooo to also think he should give an opinion.

At present now some people who know a few kerat of ayat in Surah An Nisa also think they are ulama'! !

Pearls & Gem said...

...But back to your question about Penkid and Lelaki lembut .If you have the exact sciences everything has an element of 'genetic ' predisposition and pathophysiological basis ,if not at the developmental stage ,then later .Almost everything from scizophrenia ,depression to lelaki lembut ,apart from from the multifactorial causes of environment ,bringing up etc etc and etc .To me those are the 'immovable part of Qadar .The genetic and the chemical basis .

The movable portion is bigger .Much bigger .Kalau kita for example nasib ada anak yang yang berpotensi kearah lembut atau penkid ,dari awal lagi it become our responsibility to didek away from it getting worse .Kalau penkid ,we awal2 lagi address the dressing problem .Kalau anak lelaki tu agak lembut dan jambu ,jangan hantar dia pi sekolah boarding school etc etc etc .So in that way I do not see what is so negative with the penkid fatwa.It at least give us parents the 'early warning' light .Parenting in Islam is pivotal ,that is why Islam does not encourage the ladies to be say fghter pilots ,they have more important roles to play .

Kalau anak dah masuk Nasrani baru kita nak melenting dah terlewat .

I feel this unhealthy ulama' bashing has to stop and politicians kita tak bolih harap sangat because they tend to play to the gallery .We have to defend our ulama'.

Pearls & Gem said...

....and if I may add further please refer to an earlier blog of mine ,discussing Surah Al Hujarat ,Thursday May 29th :Re - Respect For our Ulama'.

It may seem trivial to some but take away the ulama' in present day Malaysia and what do we have .

Of course 50 over years of emasculation by the ruling AMNU branch of BN has reduced the ulama' to only a few brave voice ,the rest all 'cari makan type' not at all brave enough to remind the powers that be the difference between 'right' and wrong ,halal and haram .To compound this problem you have 'government ulama' and non government ulama' .Some of these politicians in power think they would not have to answer all this!Good luck to them .

Anonymous said...

I blind person can be a professor, a lawyer, a successful businessman etc. He or she can also be a massuer, a singer or a one-man-band in front of Globe (or ex-Globe) or just a begger.
I remember sometime in the late 80's watching a blind man buying supplies at a weekly market at Bandar Permaisuri, Setiu for his grocery shop. I just hope he is still doing it now because I would like to meet him and take a video of him doing something that many sighted persons cannot do.


Pearls & Gem said...

Interesting indeed Amek about some of our unfortunate insan being born blind being more 'insightful' than some of us the normal sighted .This is a digression from the subject but since you brought it up I remember my Form 3 colleague in Sultan Ismail College ,Kota Bharu .For an underprivelege kampong boy like me never 'keluar dari Kota Bharu , SIC as the schoolwas known must have been the best school in the world , their rugby team also the champion in the world .There was a 4 storey building in Kota bharu that time call the Zain Building .To us ,that time that must be the tallest building in the world .To just come to Kuala Lumpur was an arduous 2 day trip involving 15 ferry crossings from KB to Kuantan ,so you can understand our mentality .

There was this blind clasmate of mine ,Nik Yusoff ,whom we ,fellow classmates , can only salivate by our corners of our mouths ,when our English teacher read his essays to us in class .His description of sceneries that he cannot even see or perceive was like actual painting .I was so embarassed that I read anything that i could lay my hands on and partly because of that embarassment I manage to clinch some A's and got myself finally exiled to Malay College after the 3rd form public examination .Partly pasal malu kat Nik Yusoff 's english .

I do not know what he is doing now , probably retired as some kerani somewhere or even still 'singing' at some corner somewhere .He did went to MU to do of all thing science in the early 70's like me but MU at that time has no soul ,runned by people like prof Chan and Danaraj ,melayu masuk 100 orang by 2nd year kena cantas tinggal 40 .

Life according to our superficial 'estimation' is not fair but Allah knows best .He take away all your details in His final assessment [ if not all of us fail rightaway kalau kira details] and look at you ,how TAQWA are you to Him .Allahualam .

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