Thursday, August 6, 2009

Surah Al-Anaam [ 6 : 56-61 ]

And with Him are the keys of the Invisible. None but He knoweth them. And He knoweth what is in the land and the sea. Not a leaf falleth but He knoweth it, not a grain amid the darkness of the earth, naught of wet or dry but [it is noted] in a clear record.[59] He it is Who gathereth you at night and knoweth that which you commit by day. Then He raiseth you again to life therein, that the term appointed [for you] may be accomplished. And afterward unto Him is your return. Then He proclaim unto you what ye used to do.[60] He is theOmnipotent over His slaves. He sendeth guardians over you until, when death cometh unto one of you, Our messengers[angels] receive him, and they neglect not.[61]

Very succinct, clear and precise. These ayats from Surah Al-Anaam, 165 of them, all given to Muhammad, in the early Mekkan days, at one sitting, according to most muffasirun. Early days of fledgling Islam, when only the poor, the dissaffected and the displaced were attracted, while the rest of 'corporate' Mekkah [including his uncles] stood back in disdain while not a few, adopted a hostile stance. Status quo, 1400 years ago, as of now, seemed more important than the salvation of one's soul itself.

God gave us two "Qur'ans". The official one via His messenger Muhammad, while the second , open for all of us to contemplate.Of course to the 'purists' from amongst us, not two 'Quran' but rather two 'Ayats', Ayat Quraaniyah and Ayat Qauniyah as exemplified by Al Baqarah , 2 : 164 below.

Lo ! In the creation of the heavens and the earth, and the difference of night and day, and the ships which run upon the sea with that which is of use to man, and the water which Allah sendeth from the sky, thereby reviving the earth after its death, and dispersing all kind of beasts therein and in the ordinance of the winds and the clouds obedient between heaven and earth: are signs of Allah's sovereignty for people who have sense.[Al-Baqarah, 2 : 164 ]

Ponder some of us did. Einstein came up with his famous formullae[ e=mc squared ] and that is the nearest one could ever get to putting into equation the 'invisible and the visible'. But did he get to see God there. No !Sadly , like many of us, he missed the trunk and was lost in the branches,twigs and the leaves!

Dr Nik Howk
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Pearls & Gem said...

That chap "Tan Sri" referred to in his conversation with "Dato", who did not go to Oxbridge but just to a Pondok somewhere and later got polished in India, is playing a pivotal role in Malaysian politics now: TGNA.

Pearls & Gem said...

If you go along the surah you will come to ayat 123, which to my mind exemplifies one of the major problem the world of Islam face 1400 years ago and now.

"And thus have We made in every city great ones of its wicked ones, that they should plot therein. They do but plot against themselves, though they perceive not".[ 6 : 123 ]

I looked at Ibn Kathir and compare with Hamka's explanation of this ayat.Hamka seemed to be more definitive and easily understood.'Corporate Arabia' as represented by Abu Suffian and Prohet Muhammad's uncle himself, Abu Jahal were determine to maintain their status quo and their 'Tan Sri-ship' and 'Dato'-ship'in the face of his nephew's clarion call to universal divine justice and law.

"They do plot" but our problem now is "WE PERCEIVE NOT"

At the global level now, there is this inherrent move to 'pariah-risation' and 'talibanisation' of anything Islamic, not least with the help of zionist funded and zionist controlled world media, to the point even Muslims themselves began to believe that Islam need to be 'reinterpreted'.We get LIBERAL ISLAM,PROGRESSIVE ISLAM as a result.And the proponents are Muslims themselves, secularists, clothed as reformist Muslims.If we have Muslims like these we do not need enemies. We have too many examples of this back home and I do not need to name names.

In Sudan you have Ms Hussien doing the bidding for the secular West on something flimsy as 'dressing code' rightfully or wrongfully,is a mote issue....The fact remain that in southern Sudan is the last largest oil reserve in this world before we really have to go solar! A'discredited' Sudan government over collective and systematic 'pariahrisation of Sudan would be open to future UN sanction etc etc and etc and finally international demarkation of Sudan to North and South, without much International furore.We have seen this in Iraq,Libya and elsewhere and probably Iran,[if that stupidest US President of all time had had his way ]...

But do we Muslims on the whole learn our lessons from the Divine is inundated by reminders after reminders never to let our hopes and aspirations to be decided by these 'clowns'....