Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Talibanization and Demonization of Islam

Talibanization and Demonization of Islam. Such big words.Happens everyday on CNN,BBC and any Western electronic and print media one care to open , listen or view. It has become a national sport in the West and support a host of 'experts' and 'proffesionals'. The bottomline is very simple, too simple that even 'so called enlightened' Muslims themselves missed it and join the bandwagon of 'Islam bashing': The continued subjugation and subordination of anything Islamic, lands,resources and minds and souls.

Just take the recent simple case of Kartika Sari Dewi, that unknown struggling model from Nowhere land in Cherating caught drinking beer with her friends and sentenced to 5 lashings of the 'rotan' by the Sharia court in Pekan.No one care to ask 'how painful ' is an 'Islamic lashing'?, that is more a symbolic 'lashing of the soul' rather than the physical, what is the philosophy behind it?.......What we have after that was an incredible avalanche of media hype against it, National and International.Does not help either that, that chap who 'prophesized' years back that Kelantan will be full with people with no hands if the hudud law come into being, thought that the 'lashings' is barbaric. When you have Muslim like this, you do not need the West anymore!

To the uninitiated, this tantamount to gross injustice, tribal , barbaric,and draconian rule etc etc and etc. But let us put things in perspective, if we are still very naive: The kufr West and East are just drawing 'lines in the sand' and saying 'No to Islam'.One would be very naive to expect 'Non Muslims who know next to nothing about the spirit of Islam to move an inch to anything Islamic but what we do in Malaysia and in any so called Islamic Lands towards the betterment of our Ummah, is to put it very mildly, none of their' .........' business! [ sorry that I intended to use a 4 letter word, here. The general feeling of anger in the Muslim streets all over the world is just too strong on this. Your Fareed Zakaria is just too 'Westernised', he has forgotten how to feel the pain of being a Muslim.., he has given you guys misinformation.]

Let us cross over to Libya and the USA to get an international flavour of what is going on. Al Megrihi's release has caused a lot of 'noise'. The American Administration who for obvious reason want to maintain friendly relation with Gaddafi are feeling uncomfortable with the increasing 'animal noise' building up in New Jersey where Gaddafi is supposed to 'set up tent' before his long awaited comeback speech in the hallowed halls of the UN. His potential American neighbours 'upfront' are making 'animal noise' that they do not feel happy to tolerate having Gaddafi 'whose hand are smeared by American blood in the Lockerbie Affair', camping nearby even for a day or two. That could prick their conscience as if they have one.... They conveniently forgot that this 'chap' had lost a beloved daughter as a result of 'Senior Bush' adventurism years back. They forgot that millions of Muslim blood are on their elected leaders hands, by omission or commission, in Iraq, Palestine, peri- Saddam's Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan![ Not forgetting the Yellow Bastards,the Japanese in Hiroshima and Nagasaki as well. Never mind they are not whites or Germans!] The Europeans are, as usual, just whining in the background saying that they do not mind the Scottish Panel Review's decision to release Al Megrihi on the basis of humanity since that chap is looking at the last few months of his life[ he had advance cancer of prostate], but mind that he was given a Hero's Welcome in Tripoli.

Gaddafi has not lost any of his magic when he retorted that :" They think only they, are humans, while the rest of us, donkeys!"

[I am not yet discussing about what the Scottish Pardon Panel has discovered in their final delibration:There was growing concern that The British and American Intelligence had planted some 'evidence' in the Lockerbie Incidence to make a Libyan conviction quite plausible. They do this all the time......Remember what that' imbecile' did in Iraq!]

It seems to us all, that only Americans could welcome back their soldiers involved in the 'My Lai massarce' years back,garlanded and given medals as heroes, while the rest of the world have to have muted response over their feeling of gross injustice.

Now , why should 1.5 billion Muslims, and fast growing, apologise for their Din and way of life as dictated by the One and True God. Neither should they take sitting down, the dictates from people who are actually more 'barbaric' in all sense of modalities and feeling than them? Please leave us, our Lands and our resources alone and from there we can discuss about Justice and Fairness!.....And yes, perhaps some semblance of Peace can envelope this world again as a result of true mutual respect and real spirit of coexistence........

Please do not underestimate our paraphrase Colonel Muamar Gaddafi,"They think, only they are humans, while the rest of us, donkeys???"


Anonymous said...

Haqqan ya akhi!From hafiz

Pearls & Gem said...

In Moses time, when he told his flock that God asked them to sacrifice a cow they asked,
how old.?
can it be black ,brown ,red or blue?
what if there are blenishes on the skin?
and so on and so forth.....

We Muslims in the 21st century are no better than the Israelites of Moses time...
Banyak sangat 'songeng' nya
In Terengganu parlance, ' lepas tu setabuk tak nak buat'
Kalau Ya Rabbi datangkan Tsunami, Selsema babi atau HINI,bising....
We have not seen the worse yet....
That 'Storm' promised in ayat 11 of surah al Dukhan, is still looming over our head [ mother of all bala:that ozone hole over the Arctic]
...Can it be black ,brown or red?? We are behaving at present like the Israelites of Moses' time.Ramai sangat yang rasa pandai, lebih pandai dari Allah.

Pearls & Gem said...

"The folk of Noah denied the truth before them, and so did the dwellers at Ar-Rass and the tribe of Thamud,[12]
And the tribe of Aad, and Pharoah, and the brethren of Lot,[13]
And the dwellers in the Wood, and the folk of Tubb'a: Everyone denied their messengers, therefore My threat take effect.[14]"..........[ Qaf , 50: 12-14 ]
.....and for the 'Muslims' of the present, I will give them pandemics and Tsunami and that perfect storm to come....