Saturday, January 8, 2011

Empire of Faith

A Ben Kingsley/Jonathan Bloom documentary/narration on Islam : a dry, academic but nonetheless absorbing and honest look at the spread and influence of Islam from the perspective of Orientalists...

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"Even if your reign on the imperial throne seems everlasting , don't be taken in
One day a hostile wind will blow...."
Suleyman the Conqueror

An Islamic History of Europe : Click Here

A broad guideline for Muslim unity:
"Whoever prays as we pray and turns to our qiblah and eats what we (ritually) slaughter is a Muslim and is under Allah's and His Prophet's protection (dhimmah)."
As to the rest of our differences, leave them to God to decide.
Salafism, Wahabism,Sunnah WalJamaah, Tarekat, Sufism, Sunni, Shiite, Arab, non Arab , Ajami, African, Asian,Malay, Indonesian, European, American, Traditional and liberal.........Leave that all to God to decide. "The best of you are the ones who have piety".

The alternative could be worse: We at the present time are in the varying states of being swallowed whole by the 'wolves' of the 21st century that appear in many forms and shapes, more shadowy now than The Ferdinands and Isabellas of the Andalusian era. Our very aqidah are in tethers.

The Andalusions of the 15th century knew what was in store for them : compliance or death. We in the 21st century are lulled by 'the feel good factors'. What they are doing must be good for the ummah! A catharsis of sort....removing the 'bad guys' from the main body...the carbuncles ,the pus...

Demonisation, talibanization and 'pariahrisation' of whole people and nation states
Is that true??!!

If people in the K2 area or Afghanistan want to run their lives according to Shariah the way they interpret, why not. What business has America and its cohorts to decide otherwise?

Just next week yet another Muslim country will be cut and divided. Soon South Sudan will be run by Exxon, Royal Dutch etc and etc. African Union armies financed by UN will maintain enough peace for the plunder.

Iran is waiting in line for the next slaughter. What next?

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