Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Rise and Fall of The Ottoman Empire

"Even if your reign on the imperial throne seems everlasting , don't be taken in
One day a hostile wind will blow...."
Suleyman the Conqueror

Ottoman Empire 1

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The Fall of the Ottoman Empire

The Big Picture from 1895 to 2011, from Disraeli to Truman , to Angela Meckel, Sarkozy, Blair and Bush.... is OIL.
From Kennedy to Obama, throw in The Great American 'Military-Industrial complex' and more thirst for cheap OIL. To compound the 'spanner in the engine' China and India have woken up to greater thirst for more OIL.....

America, Germany, France, Russia, all of Europe, China , India all mostly permanent members of tthe UN Security Council.......all want and need cheap OIL.

Do the democratic aspiration of peoples in Iran, Afghanistan, Yemen, Iraq, Sudan, Libya and even Saudi have a chance with all these shadowy 'wolves' in sheep clothes?

Next week Sudan will be splintered. Then Iran, perhaps Yemen in the future or any 'Muslim' place with decent oil under the ground....Create unrest, dissension, pariahrization and talibanization, UN resolutions, sanction, referendum if possible, outright invasion if not, and the rest is history...hang a few dictators and their assistants for good measure. While the real war criminals like Bush and Blair are free to spend their retirement getting drunk.

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