Sunday, January 30, 2011

Muddle and Puddle on 'Tahlil Kematian'

Ustaz Rasul Dahri , TGNA et al on 'Tahlil Kematian': A 'Malay' Religio-Cultural 'Abberation'....

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Despite the 'muddle and puddle' a word of caution though....
We Muslims in general have to be careful.
On one hand we have 'ranting' issues like 'Tahlil Kematian','bidaah hasanah' that seem to 'irritate' and unfocus us and on the other hand there is this question of Muslim Unity. We should not let issues like these disunite and weaken us,especially the 'ranting' issues.

We are 1.5 billion in number.
200 millions Arabs. Some 250 millions Malay/Indonesians. 500 millions from Indo/Pakistan region. Americans and Europeans etc etc.
We cannot have 'clowns' [... even at the level of people's scholarship like Rasul Dahri ] going around saying these and that Muslims have questionable Aqidah....Rubbishing people of the past like Imam Ghazali, Ibrahim Adham and the likes .Leave this part to HIM. It is none of our business.

At the end of the day HE looks at our hearts and our level of piety.

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