Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Faces in Islam , Jewels from The Quran

Beginning early this month and most probably stretching up to June insyaalah I would venture into 2 aspect of our Ummah.

Firstly, from time to time I would introduce Shaykh Ismail bin Musa Menk, the present mufti of Zimbabwe, who will take us on a most beautiful journey from Surah Al Fatihah up to probably Juz 22 of the Holy Quran. The Holy Quran and its correct interpretation and oftentimes reinterpretion, along with Seerah Nabi and hadith, are pivotal to our survival and 'hasanah' here and the hereafter . In this context, Shaykh Ismail Menk is certainly very qualified to guide us towards the Straight Path.He certainly has a great sense of humour and tremendous knowledge and wisdom. This is probably the non controversial part of my presentation.

In 'Faces in Islam', I am going to take you guys on an intellectual journey across the vast so-called diverse and sometime confounding Muslim hinterland, probably starting first with the glorious days Of The Abbasid era, Muslim Spain, The Ottomans, and current Ummah. Currently there are an estimated 1.5 billion Muslims on this planet ie one out of every four human being is a Muslim. We carry a massive amount of cultural, historical and often times, pseudo religious baggage which when amplified and 'dissected' further with microscopic vision and intent, tend to divide and weaken us further.Jackals and hyenas are just out there to take advantage of our inherent and perceived weakness for indeed the opposite of Truth is Kufr and TRUTH has many enemies. Present day Abu Jahals, Abu Lahabs and Abdullah bin Ubays have unlimited funding, massive armoury including nuclear weopens and knowledge behind them. We just have TRUTH.

May I suggest you leave behind your views and 'position' and travel along with me. We will take that interesting journey, Insyaallah........Starting March !

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