Friday, March 18, 2011

Faces in Islam : The Power of Doubt.....

The power of reasoning and scientific advancement were elements that kept the bludgeoning Muslim empire of that time going. When in the 14th century while the capitals of Europe were still dark at night,infested with rats and pestilence, the Muslim cities of Servile, Cordoba and Baghdad were in comparision , cities of light and enlightenment.Between the 8th to the 14th century the pursuit of 'ilm, ilm and ilm' was what that kept them apart.

When the light of Islam subsequently faded, when Muslims of that time thought ijtihad and thinking ended with the 14th century, that what need to be discoursed were already well discussed and what need to be discovered had all been discovered, the thinking caps moved on to Europe. The 'photostat' machines of Europe was busy working overtime. Indeed European renaissance that catapulted them to present day Western hegemony of knowledge was initially build on the template of science founded by the early Muslim pioneers.

Now in 2011, Muslims must get permission from The UN Security Council before they can go back to study the 'atom'. The Council likewise can sit and discuss at their time and convenience how to divide a Muslim country in whatever ways and size the want. The Barbarians of the 14th centuries have finally taken over the Main Table.
We Muslims must watch,wait and fight for crumbs handed down......

Such is the power of 'ilm, ilm and ilm'.

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