Thursday, March 24, 2011

Of Libya, Tsunamis and Wrath of God.......Part 2

Dear Nadzru,

now these f....... ,brainless, good for nothing Arab League fellas, all friends of yours, are crying foul that the b......, f....... Europeans and Americans have overdone their much for being Arabs, Nadzru! So much for being stupid Arabs !

Say, O Allah! Owner of Sovereignty! Thou givest sovereignty unto whom Thou wilt, and Thou withdrawest sovereignty from whom Thou wilt. Thou exaltest whom Thou wilt, and Thou abasest whom Thou wilt. In Thy hand is the good. Lo! Thou art Able to do all things. Thou causest the night to pass into the day, and Thou causest the day to pass into the night. And Thou bringest forth the living from the dead, and Thou bringest forth the dead from the living. And Thou givest sustenance to whom Thou choosest, without stint. Let not the believers take disbelievers for their friends in preference to believers. Whoso doeth that hath no connection with Allah unless (it be) that ye but guard yourselves against them, taking (as it were) security. Allah biddeth you beware (only) of Himself. Unto Allah is the journeying
3 : 26-28

And that is not in my language or yours, that is in Arabic, your poetic Arabic with hyperbole and all!
So much for trusting your enemies, Nadzru.
These morons forgot that in 1905 the Italians sneaked into Tripoli, when the Ottomans were the Sick Man of Europe, and some years later hanged Umar Mukhtar, The Lion of the Desert, in front of all his people.

Now we have to tolerate the spectacle of Muamar Gaddafi and his sons being hanged by courtesy of the utube. Of course he is no Umar Mukhtar , you would say.

Congratulations Nadzru! Congratulations !

Nik Howk


Dear Nik Hawk,

A heart plumber you may be but that does not give you the privilege of expletives deleted.

Gaddafi like Saddam and their ilk in the Arab world are and were inplants. Gaddafi beats them all as a master class tyrant and dope. No one of them can beat Gaddafi in appearance and words, when he was dressed in his silly robe and holding an umbrella when there was no sunshine nor rain and uttered, ' sa abhathuhum aina ma ajiduhum, shebr shebr, beit beit , dar dar, zangga zangga, ha'ula'i fa'ar mustanfira' ( I will search for them ( his protesters) wherever I can get them, hut to hut, house to house, courtyard to courtyard, lane to lane, these rotten yellowing rats - in libyan arabic). When we hear that we forgave the NATO bombers going to kill his thugs ( and hopefully himself) like a yellowing rat that he is. That is my feeling.

I have not sorted myself out yet about how I feel on other collateral matters, be it history, geography or theology on Gaddafi and his thugs. Kill Gaddafi first, with NATO bombers or anything at all.




My Dear Nadzru,

Sorry Nadzru, cannot help about the expletives....not meant for you.
The sorry state of our ummah asking 'sworn enemies' for centuries to solve our problems with our own leadership and then realising that they have given them the whole 'cheque' books really make my heart boil. Sorry about the expletives.....

They do not comprehend their Quran, despite all their linguistic hyperbole and poetic nonsense. That is our basic problem. That is what is painful. I can understand that our inconsequential diplomats and the 'Hamzahs' of our world, brought up on a staple diet of 1960's Shakespeare and too much cheese at Oxford or Cambridge and tax free wine overseas,not comprehending the spirit and the Muslim ummah and their Islamic struggle but this nonsense coming from a group of senior Arab statesmen who are supposed to know better is too heart breaking!.

They have been playing balls with the Kuffar of the West for over 50 years with predictable results all the time!. They have been playing balls with them over Palestine and of late Iraq, and all these have not added an iota to their education..

The Quran is in their language.
3 : 26-28 is as 'Muhkam' as it can ever get !

Now what f.....g[ no expletive ] hope can they ever get that Libya is not going to get flattened, and more Libyan are going to die as collateral damage, that Security Council which is just a tool of the West, will reverse the decision.

Muamar Gaddafi and his son will be hanged publicly in the near future. That is our ummah's tragedy.

That is our BALA. Expecting crumbs from the European and American High table !

Nik Howk


Doc ,

Agree with Ru. To regain dignity in God's world, Muslims must learn to reject tyrants.When I was reading the Green Book in 1970s (aka Islamic socialism crap) a Libyan exile in Melbourne was upset with me. He warned that MG is dajjal.

Now I understand!

Ru was with me when another dajjal Saddam rained missiles on Tehran and gassed his Kurds.

Please don't count them even among sinning Muslims.

Rahim Kamil


Dear Dato Kamil,

So Dato we have also to tear down another Government, Syria.......while we are at it why not Jordan , Bahrain and Saudi as well. Just leave Algeria because it is already democratic and Western enough. Wearing headscaves are banned in Algeria, so their government by present standard is OK ! Does not matter 20 years ago, 300,000 had been slaughtered because FIS won the 'erection'. That is also OK !

Do not forget that when the French bombed Libya with its Patriot and Exocet missiles at one million euro a piece there will be pay back time. Hamid Karzai type of clowns and puppets will be installed and they are back to worse than square one !
Even now we are hearing news these group are disparate group of tribal people with no uniformity in purpose and ideology.

In 2011, this is our BALA : our inability to differentiate between friends and foes, and our lack of EQ as an ummah to rebuilt from within.
Our inability to REBUILD FROM WITHIN.

Just look at another aspect , the theological side of things: we have a 1450 year old oak tree and we have a few 'Wahabi' clowns shouting hoarse over every body saying , we have to cut down the trees ! It is heresy, it is bidaah etc etc.....

Mashaallah, We have really lost our marbles !

Nik Howk



I don't know what else to say. it's not OK to have leaders kill one rakyat. Much worse if 1000s. The Arab street beginning to regain their collective honour. They don't fear their satanic tyrants anymore.

I am not going to defend the " honour" the butchers of MENA who are largely munafiqun or mad, or both.

Let them taste the wrath of the rakyat.

Laknatullahu alaihim.

Rahim Kamil


Dear Dato Rahim,

If you are Najib and there are 20 Hindraf chaps, or PAS or PKR trying to takeover your government, brandishing guns near Ampang and gathering crowd, and your intelligence telling you ammo from Sinapo landing in Pasir Gudang by the truckloads, do you send flowers to them and a red carpet ? Probably NTR would do so in our present chaotic political scenario......just to win a few votes !

If in olden days ,you are Alexander the Great you have them killed on the spot plus 3 generations down and burn their whole village and to be sure all other houses within 20 km circumference!.

If you are Gaddafi or any legitimate government for that matter,the minimum you would do is stop the rebellion. The more decisive the better.

I am not pro Gaddafi but I am appalled at the mass hysteria and blind frenzy even amongst so-called intellectuals that can be whipped up by the world media.
Watching CNN and BBC I can understand their agenda but the last one week even AlJazera has changed colours. I was confused because they seem to be joining the frenzy as well.

We have a masjid somewhere. Some of the makmun do not like the imam. He has been there for ages. Is it right to call any Tom, Dick and Harry to carpet bomb our neighbourhood and flatten the masjid, kill all the people around as well and at the end of the day hang the imam and his family. With our own 'oil' then rebuild the masjid and ask Tom or harry to choose the right imam. Congratulations Dato Rahim and Nadzru. You engineers are brilliant ! Brilliant indeed !

Today all things have more or less unfold......Qatar is part of the alliance of the crusaders....No wonder AlJezari was like that the last one week. I would like to use more expletives here but my classmate Nadzru will by now disown me !.

There is no limit to Muslims incredulity and sheer stupidity. Muhammad al Nauf, spokesperson for the disparate rebel group told Reuters arrogantly yesterday that the new Libya will be both SECULAR and Democratic. My God !

But anyway , why bother. Let us enjoy our briyani tonight. My 'good' friend Dato DC just emailed to say the Briyani at 'Spice of India' is a wee bit, 'tad' too spicy......but then he had had too much cheese at Oxford in the 70's. We cannot trust his taste buds. We are all 'budu' people so, we will follow Tan Sri Min's sixth sense...I am hungry already.

I will drown my sorrow on a couple of plates of lamb briyani. Probably I can persuade Tan Sri Min to sponsor me to go have a decent, expensive ,'brain 'makeover at Mayo Clinic to correct my 'PHD '[ permanent head damage] . It is getting very painful and lonely to not be able to see things as you guys see them. Really, this is getting very painful, lonely and sad! I also would like to sit back and enjoy life as you are.....

Ignorance is bliss !

Nik Howk

Post Script :

We had a nice briyani dinner at 'Spice of India' last night. I thought Nadzru and Dato' Rahim would 'slaughter' me outright for labelling them 'ignorant',but was quite assured since TS Min was there.I could trust him that he would be a decent referee as most Oxbridge product would do.
Surprisingly thing was a wee bit tame last night.....We were able to agree to disagree on the issue of Libya.

Three 'budu' people discussing from amongst other things, how to substantially persuade the current Federal Government of Najib Tun Razak,[ in the memory to his late father who was as far as we all could recall a really perfect gentleman ], to really be fair to 1.5 million ummah from Kelantan, all mainly 'budu' eating people, and praying to the same God as well, like him and his father.

Under Dr M, Kelantan already lost a big Pet Chem project as big as Kertih ,or even bigger to rookie, by then really unprepared and unstable Southern Thailand and that was some 15 years ago. That to me was the most 'daftest' ever decision made by a PM [ my personal opinion here and I certainly stand corrected ].One just need to drive from bachok to Tok Bali and internalise the level of rural employment that could be derive to really comprehend the effect that one stroke of the pen from this man had done to Kelantan. We are not worried about that now though it still hurt all thinking kelantanes like me to ponder over. . Let bygone be bygone, though at 85, he would need to answer to his God one of this days !

Back to oil business I have told by my friends at the dinner table that by current production capacity of 110,000 barrels of petroluem and petroleum derivatives equivalent per day over so many years since the inception of Petronas, I reckoned , if translated over ringgit and sen that would be around 150 million RM per year of income to Kelantan for that many years.

All and sundry know now that The Kelantan State govt will be taking Petronas and the Federal Government to court. On a good day with a full complement of fair judges on the bench, insyaallah, I got the 'fihrasat' in my dream last night that tells me that Kelantan will ultimately win.

With damages, accrued interest and all I would not be surprised if the settlement figure could well breach 15 billion. But knowing Tok Guru, I think he would be just contented to settle out of court for a mere 5 billion RM. He could be persuaded I believe as this can be taken in the spirit of between 'adik beradik'

You guys in the Federal Govt cannot go on cheating the Kelantan people forever. Truth will prevail.We believe Petronas is sincere about settlement . The problem remain with it's political boss. We have got to learn lessons from Libya, Yemen and Egypt.
Insyaallah !


Anonymous said...

Hello Doc! Have been reading your raving and ranting of late anf it seems like you may be needing your own lobotomy pretty soon if you dont take it easy. However it is still gratifying to find someone still having such passion over his personal beliefs and faith. You are indeed a rare specie and a boon to our nation in your own way for so long as there is one like you we still have hope.
I have been living here in Dubai for the past few months and have been following closely the 'Middle East Major 'Sheik' Down". I am sure you have been here and seen the unatural growth of the Dubai landscape overnight from a desert to 'Las Vegas'.Will this sand castle last or will it oo follow the houses of cards like the rest of them?

Pearls and Gem said...

Thank you Anon.

I know what you mean.
Was racing in endurance horse riding in the desert of Dubai and Abu Dhabi with Maktoum way back in 1998. Again join them in Jerez, Spain in 2003 World Championship for which the event was heavily sponsored by Arab oil money.

From the local perspective, if our 'sultans' and 'numero unos' and all the 'Mat Taibs' types do not learn lessons from these 'Sheikh Meltdown' they are also saying good bye to their present lifestyle.

I was lamenting my sadness about what was going on in Libya and the 'bala' in Japan and was duly rapped on the knuckles by my patient who has a 'sufic' bent, Encik Ahmad Ali Mumin :

"Doc, why you worry. It is all HIS plan. Those whom you think die needlessly didnt.HIS people you know where they landed and as to those not HIS people, HE would know where to put them. They did not die in vain ! "

Such sublime observation....
And he still got charged for it !