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BERSIH 2.0............

9th July, 2011
Kuala Lumpur

BERSIH as seen through ALJAZERA, click here

and even The Queen of England was having a good fun at NTR. Resplendent in her ' Bersih Yellow', a class act of language without words !
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I have my very own small private 'altercation' with 'POWER' two days after BERSIH. Nothing spectacular.
Let us start with a YB Mat Sabu's ceramah done sometime ago probably a week or two in Teganung before BERSIH's 9th July, to put us in the right tone and mood.
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I have a confession to make here.
I was not with BERSIH on 9th July.
The internal 'boiling' building up was too much.....weeks of brainless intimidations by our men in blue with massive jams on almost all major roads leading to KL, tempers and horn blaring, polemics and name calling in the National Press etc etc. Make one wonder what band of people are advising NTR nowadays...they do not seem to be too clever ! Certainly they are losing those votes from 'fence sitters' like me and millions others.

I was in Gua Musang tending and speaking to my Gaharus on 9th July...sorry folks.
Like millions others I could not stand anymore of these nonsense. If I continue to be in KL on the 9th I would either end up 'killing someone' or most probably end up like that young boy on the utube...on the street of KL..beaten up till his leg broke. He must be famous now but at 59 I do not need to be famous. We are old newspapers.

And the best thing UTUSAN MELAYU can come up was:
" Bising2, Tapi hanya Enam Ribu "....this is the standard of our journalism. When all the road To KL were baricaded with police ready with Bren Guns and potable loos for the last 3 days !

Come 'General Election', LET US ALL VOTE all THESE BAS....DS OUT !
I wonder what goes on in the 'mind' of media numero uno like Dato' JJ or Dato' Syed of NSTP. Do they have a mind of their own ?! One might be forgiven to wonder, at some point in time ? Is there an ounce of intellectual honesty or self audit every night they go to bed ?

Nik Howk


From Dato JJ :
[ from Mediapreema Apakahnamadiadah ! ]

F..k you Sir.

Didn't I tell u to exclude me from your list? Go fly your f..king kite some place else! (No pun intended here).

My BP actually came down few notches I swear these last few weeks or so, when u promised me to take out this pacal from your email list.

Some of you clever folks can't even understand simple English.. Sigh.

Read my lips: What fools these mortals are! Sent by Maxis from my BlackBerry® smartphone


TQ Datuk
This confirm the standard of our journalism.
No wonder, on the scale of press freedom ,we are now at the same level of Myanmar and Zimbabwe.
I would not bother to ccmail my grouses to you guys if both of you are just selling chapatis or tea tarik at the corner mamak stalls. Your commission, directions, additions and editions, are heard and read by your business, and mine included, intellectual honesty is a paramount and integral virtue. We are not politicians who can bluff, and need to bluff, their way to Putrajaya !

Nik Howk


And it confirms the standard of discourse among the pseudo-intellectuals in the country hiding behind their fat pension packages to perfect the art of cynicism and casting aspersions on others ...Good luck to u Sir. [Sent by Maxis from BlackBerry® smartphone]

Dato JJ


Dato JJ,

I am not yet pensioned off. Just like you I am working my guts out with my bare hands and occasionaly with both feet for an honest mussel here and a mussel there.

Of course if we have a govt change come next 'Erection', you can be sure you can start enjoying your 'fat' pension rightaway. I do not think Anuar, Mat Sabu and co would need your kind of expertise.

Good luck to you Datuk and your kinds.
I am sorry you guys cannot see your profession as sacred. It is sad. very sad.

Nik Howk



I propose Nik Hawk take charge of the media. Let's see how he does it. Hehehe. Budak kolet! Apa ni??

Dato' NSTP


Dato NSTP,

In the 1st place I would certainly not accept your job....does not matter it is five figures with all the perks thrown in. Peanuts compared to the price, sacrifice and questions I would have to answer latter.Susah nak jawab to the 'CEO of the Universe' latter ,on the disparities and the summation of raised bp 's and collective heartache and anger I cause by my commission,omission and my miss'edition'.

Frankly Dato', I would rather 'jual goreng pisang tepi jalan than take your job' . I view my akhirat more important than a big fat pay check. I am not that clever by 2011standard you may say. For that matter Dato',even a cabinet or a PM's post is not worth the sacrifice and the awesome responsibility. I pity you guys actually. As our Teganung friends would say, " Setabuk pong aku tak kenang kerja mung !"

Your's is a sacred job affecting millions. You may say most time you guys have to choose between the devil and the deep blue sea...our Prophet Ibrahim chose the deep blue sea and got himself 'burned'.

As you can see Dato kita 'dudok dibumi ini bukan pasal cari makan saja, pasal akhirat pun nak dijaga'. If we just take care of the stomach, what we finally get at the end of the 'tunnel' is what comes out of it.
And I do not have to tell you what it is !

Nik Howk



Let's not go into the dunia-akhirat issue. Who are we to pass judgments on each other? "Dia ni masuk neraka, dia ni pergi syurga."
I think we are mere mortals, Mungkin orang yg cepat mengutuk org lain based on emotion to kena jawab lebih nanti. Kita semua nanti. Tengok hati masing2. Tq
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I am not accusing anybody of going to hell. Far from it. If you read carefully..I am not naive. Certain jobs like yours though affect millions that one need to give serious thought on its execution. PM, Cabinet ministers, Sultans and King, 'lagi lah besar responsibility mereka. That goes with the job. Pak Mat Nyadap from Kuala Ketil or Padang Pa' Amat may just be asked about his lembu but if you are PM the questioning would be a thousand time more substantive. Allahualm but that is why I do not want to be Pm even if you give a million RM salary a month!

Your kind of job is a difficult one. A very big one indeed.
In fact in my estimation bigger than the socalled judiciary.
You press peope if you guys do your job properly could reduce executive unaccountability and excesses decades ago , etc etc and etc . You know this and I of all people cannot give a lecture on this. Press freedom is the panacea and catalyst for democracy and good governance. That is universal. You guys are very very big and important!!! You guys represent 'preventative medicine' in nation building.

As for the judiciary, they are there only after the damage is already done.
How many more decades do we have to wait until you guys grow up and mature?

No emotion involve with me, just cold facts.
Just like you, I have no love for Mat Sabu, Lim Guan Eng,Haji Hadi, Anuar or Karpal Singh.But following the antics of KJ, Nazri,Ibrahim Ali and even NTR, I am not sure they can comprehend the 'gravity' of their proffesion. [click here]

50 years on we are still grappling with the basics and having to deal with these clowns determining the National Agenda.

Of course we still have THE PRESS and THE JUDICIARY, one may say.
But our Judiciary now has been pummelled beyond comprehension.
We heard stories of big businesses and important individuals 'buying' their judges etc etc and etc.
So we are left with just the Press.
And there we are, we have to depend on you guys !

But even The Press have failed us miserably......nothing emotive about that.
Our institutions are next to non existent.

Don't tell me you are happy with the standard of governance right now!!
We are on par with Vietnam and Cambodia. Slightly better, sorry. Much better than Myanmar of course.

I have no querrel with you guys .
I am querelling with the fact that in 2011 we still have boys filling in for jobs meant for men.

Has bunallah wa ni' mal Wakeel.

Nik Howk



We are accountable by what we do, say, think, etc. And that includes insulting your fellow beings. I never did that to you.
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My God Dato'
You are beginning to sound like a poodle
Substantive numero uno of NSTP
One who is supposed to catapult us into good governance and more accountability. You can do better than that.
Yours is a sacred duty to Allah, King and country.
We expect high things from you guys....or are we expecting too much?
We cannot leave all these to the politicians.

Men are by nature corrupt. Whether they are in Pakatan , PAS, or UMNO.
We need you guys to be the eyes and soul of the people.
The alternative to free and fair press is street demo! And we certainly do not need this !
May God help us !

Remember our Malay College motto :
FIAT SAPEINTIA VIRTUS [ Manliness Come Thru Wisdom ]
Wise up man.

Nik Howk


OK, My daughter from Malacca GH just emailed me just now to stop "harrasing the PRESS people, PA !". I told her I was just doing my bit for BERSIH 2.0
A fair and free press is sacrosanct to democracy and governance but,........ to please her, I will stop my ranting here with an editorial from Jakarta Post and Shaykh Hussien Yee's advisory, a perspective from a Muslim :

Editorial: Malaysia: Rich but not free
The Jakarta Post | Mon, 07/11/2011 10:20 AMA | A | A |The leaders of Malaysia are laboring under an old paradigm that says you can have development or democracy, but not both. We have news for them: You can be rich and free at the same time. Malaysians deserve both and they deserve it now — not sometime in the future.

The lengths the government went to in trying to prevent and then break up the Bersih 2.0 rally in Kuala Lumpur on Saturday shows that the nation’s leaders were still not prepared to let go — even when an increasing number of Malaysians of all races have been pressing for more freedom and justice.

The rally, defying a government ban, went down as the largest in Malaysian history. It was significant that representatives from all three major races participated.

The government vainly tried to play the race card, suggesting it was a concerted move to undermine the dominant Malay race. Earlier it suggested that the rally was a communist plot.

There was nothing subversive about the rally. It was held to demand electoral reforms ahead of the next election in 2012.

The demonstrators, who numbers were independently estimated to top 10,000, were simply trying to exercise their rights of free speech and assembly.

They may have defied the law, but they were still marching peacefully. A few clashes erupted when the police tried to break them up. When they did disperse, they did so peacefully.

The police clearly overreacted. They did not need to invoke the Internal Security Act to arrest some of the protest’s leaders before Saturday. They certainly did not need to detain more than 1,600 on the day of the demonstration.

Aspirations for freedom and democracy are universal. Governments everywhere will, sooner or later, have to make accommodations. You cannot suppress the people and deprive them of their freedom forever. You must give them their due — or else they will get it by force. The Arab Spring is a case in point.

Given its current economic strength, Malaysia is in an enviable position to allow greater freedom and democracy. It can afford to take some risks without necessarily undermining development. A few powerful people may stand to lose their economic privileges, but they should have been phased out by now.

The Bersih 2.0 rally is the clearest sign that Malaysians want freedom and justice, as well as wealth.


Some final wisdom from Shaykh Hussien Yee, click here


An alternative viewpoint from within the family,
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Anonymous said...

i am shocked to read the language used by dato jj.
i am sure that a senior journalist can come out with something better!

anyway,nik howk i disgree with the bersih illegal rally.disatisfaction with the govt should be shown during the ge.
i,too disagree with the ban on the rally but we should never take the law into our own hands otherwise there will be chaos,like thailand ( red shirt one day and yellow shirt the next)

congrats for not attending the rally and well done for recommending the change at the next ge

White Eagle said...

Shockelinggam is d word to describe DJJ's response. Perhaps he was under tremendous pressure not to act rationally. When the BP goes upstairs he looked like irrational.

Anyway, I think the misconception about changing during the GE is that one really don't know what is the handicap one is in. It is never declared. Just imagine a gold player going into a tournament going into a golf game not knowing his and others handicap. In short it is impossible for the total change to take place during the GE when the playing or voting field is not level!

Pearls and Gem said...

To be fair, on hindsight and with the benefit of a 'retroscope', PDRM did a great job. We do not want similar fracas happening in KL like the one in Bangkok. At the end of the day it is still ECONOMY and the milliue of PEACE.

Agong's advice was brilliant. I wander who advised him...I doubt it was NTR. NTR nowadays seem to be running like a 'mad dog' not helped by an ambitious wife tagging along. He has to change his band of advisors if they want to see the light of the day come next election. Too late to change his Mrs though one could not discount that.

Or are we looking at the preeminent death throes of a dynasour, like the Congress Party of India. We are indeed living in interesting and dangerous time.

In my humble opinion, post BERSIH, the opposition is coming out like a rose. It is 1-o to them at present. But 'erection' is 2 years away. '2 years 'is a long time in politics.

In the realm of scenarios:
.NTR may have a heart attack while in office, that would be good for UMNO
. Anuar may also do the same, one is not sure what effect it would be for PAKATAN because all seem to be bandied around him.
. Anuar may go to jail...that would be great for PAKATAN, infact that would be godsend ! Politics is PERCEPTION.
.It may be a hung parliement . That would be great for the raayats.

On further hindsight and on balance, The Institution of The Monarchy, came out very well out of my opinion, their very survival also depend on perceived realities: Their neutrality and perceived wisdom.

We are living in interesting time indeed.

Anonymous said...

and yes dr nik howk

when ntr have a heart attack
and followed by ai

then you shall decide whom you want to save and who do you want to say oopps!

Pearls and Gem said...

Difficult hypothetical question to answer Anon. Depend on whether I am a card carrying member of UMNO or not.

If I am, I would save AI......AI is prone to self destruct.
UMNO post NTR may even be more formidable. NTR carries too much excess baggage.