Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Faces in Islam : Still on Happiness.........

Well , you may say Prof Hoesien Nasr and Prof Sayyid Muhammad Naguib, being pure theological academicians, may be speaking above our heads. And especially with Prof Nasr who is earning his keep in Georgetown University just may be 'woolly woolly' on the issue of religion in view of his elevated status there.
[ I am still personally confused on his stand on Periennial Philosophy for instance, despite his scholarly stature,it is to my ignorant and probably shallow understanding, that he may be unconciously and partially playing to a kufr gallery, pardon my ignorance Prof Nasr ! " I am just being naugthy. Uppermost in my mind is Prof, why cannot we call a spade a spade and put aside for once,political correctness ? Please pardon my ignorance Prof. I may just be an enlightened 'sparrow' rebutting an eagle.....to me an aberration of the original aqidah is an aberration, whatever you may choose to 'cloth' it or call it be it Red Indian philosophy, ancient Inca rites or even the Holy Trinity. It is just about calling a spade a spade. ]

Let as 'turun padang ' and listen to a bread and butter scholar, who has nothing to gain, and listen to his take on the nature of happiness in Islam, and then ponder further on our own..........

Shaykh Ninowy on 'Happiness', click here

Some magical and most powerful "mantra" to repeat, remember and commit to memory:

Hasbunallah wa ni'mal wakeel
(Al Imran , 3 : 173)
Dua Prophet Ibrahim alaihisalam
Those to whom the people said: Surely men have gathered
against you, therefore fear them, but this increased their faith,
and they said:
[Allah is sufficient for us, and He is Al Wakeel { best disposer of affairs }]

Hasbiyallahu, la ilaha illa, huwa alaihi tawakkaltu, wa huwa Rabb al- arshal -azhiim
{ Al Taubah , 9 : 129 }
[ Allah is sufficient for me, I have placed my trust in Him, He is the Lord of the Magestic Throne. ]

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