Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Knowledge of The Unseen : Spiritual Path to God.

I like to listen and relisten to Shaykh Mukhtar al Maghraoui. This double PHD chap from Algeria/Morocco: his voice and intonation, so much soothing; his depth of knowledge of the 'seen' and the 'unseen', phenomenal; his presentation, sublime.

He is my vision of the 'Contemporary Ulama'. Someone who is equally at home, and not overwhelmed, by 'The God particle' and The Cern particle, The String theory of the formation of the universe, as well as Mikraj and life before life, and life after life.

Just listen to him and you will come to know:

The journey to God is the journey of our Qalb to free themselves from the 'naf'.
Superior freedom is not the freedom of the 'naf', but freedom from the 'naf'.
Happiness is not happiness distant from the Source of happiness but rather nearness to The Source of happiness.
Knowledge is not knowledge of created things but knowledge of the Creator.

Shaykh Mukhtar al Maghraoui,
Al Medina Institute, USA
Double PHD in Physics and Electronics Engineering.

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