Thursday, August 4, 2011

Perennial Philosophy : A Rebuttal Against.....

It seem like America was not there until Columbus discovered it. This Nusantara was non existent until the Europeans discovered their fervour for gold, spice and religion. It work the same for 'democracy'.No democracy means you are a 'pariah' state. This frenzy for the right anointment and that final right to exist by the West has spread to issues of religion.

It seem like even Islam need the stamp of the orientalists and their misguided views before it can be 'certfied' as correct for 'human' consumption. To these people even religion has to go through an 'evolution'.

Liebnizt, Huxley, Rene Guenon, Fritjof Schuon, Krisnamurty Coomaraswamy and lately even Hoessien Nasr , despite their different philosophical upbringing and belief, they all shared something in common : That the world great religions shared a common denominator. Out of this philosophy came the misguided notion amongst the 'very bright' and later even the 'not so bright' that at the topmost 'distilled' end. all religions are the same.
This , to me, is political correctness at its most maddening height.

Mohd Aizam Mas'od wrote a very convincing rebuttal against this ongoing religious confusion, which even consume many Muslim thinkers nowadays. Liberal Islam, progressive Islam, are ones of the by -products of this new derivative.
I can understand Rene Guenon [ Shaykh Ab'dal Wahid Yahya ], Martin Lings [ Shaykh Abu Bakar Siraj ] and Fritjof Schuon[aka Shaykh Nurudin ] from where they came from. All brought up initially as either agnostic or on a staple diet of trinity, later in their lives, realise and could not accept these various abberation from the original' Din and were given Islam as the ultimate gifts from Allah. They came in with a cultural and an alien philosophical baggage.Not their fault and in fact these guys contributions have enriched Islam. But what I still cannot comprehend is why people like Prof Hoessien Nasr and Dr Nurcholish Majid et al, all born Muslims and brought up in an Islamic milliue, could still need 'perinneal philosophy' to explain Islam. Islam does not need apologists.

It was there at the beginning of the primordial man, Prophet Adam alaihissalam.
In fact it was there even before Adam.

Read what Mohd Aizam Mas'od has to say:

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