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Zakat harta / ? Pendapatan......a short advertorial

My friend Dato Abdul Razak Kechik, former Director of Health, Kelantan has been doing daawah work amongst the orang aslis in Malaysia for the last 35 to 40 years or so, initially under the auspices of ABIM, now probably on his own under the acronym, IOAK, whatever it stand for. Duly recognised for this lifetime of selfless and oftentimes dangerous work in the jungle around Malaysia by HM The Sultan of Perak and recently conferred a dato'ship. In the jungle one faces with malaria, dengue, dysentery and Japanese B encephalitis, leptospirosis etc etc apart from the time spent away from your loved ones.

I wrote some time ago about him, but could not retrieve the article in the blog because I could not recall the sub heading. His main area of operation currently is mainly in Perak and the Kelantan- Pahang border. Survive mainly on his own collection from friends and contribution from Majlis Ugama Islam Perlis.
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His modus operandi is that he collects zakat harta from friends paid to MAIP [ Majlis Agama Islam Perlis ], from which a fraction will be given to his group to finance his daawah activities. A dhaif type of financing no doubt, but the best that could be done given the circumstances. According to him , nothing like the finance of The Churches of Malaysia in this area of daawah. Invariably Doc Dato Razak will post to you the receipt from MAIP and this I can assure you is 100 % tax deductible. I have gone thru this for several years now.

Send your cheques to :
Dato' Abdul Razak Kechik
Pengerusi IOAK,
74C, Kampong Melayu,
Sungei Buloh
47000, Selangor

you can call or sms him at hp for confirmation : 0135040070
your cheques in favour of : Majlis Agama Islam Perlis,
with your name and address at the back.

MAKE YOUR ZAKAT HARTA / ? Pendapatan go that that extra mile rather than building some god-forsaken building somewhere or as happened a few years ago buying some pajeros for JAIS or MAIS.

Why I put a ? Pendapatan there is because there is no precise way to quantify what is basically enough for us. One can earn 50k a year and live modestly and still pay zakat . On the other hand one can earn million RM a month, has a penthouse apartment in Belgravia,London and a holiday getaway in Tioman and Brisbane, and a posh villa in Kenny Hill,with 3 Benzes, 2 BM and a Jaguar sports in the garage and a negative net liability of -5o million Rm due to bank loans for business, and thus technically, could even qualify to get zakat fitrah !

We have to be honest with ourselves. If you are earning that much, allow yourself in such circumstance a 'hypothetical' four bedroom 'bungalow', and a decent ' hypothetical' spending money monthly, the rest should qualify to be computed for zakat ie at 2.5 % per annum.

Otherwise only the poor Pak Mat Nyadaps of Kuala Ketil and Padang Pa' Amat end up having to pay zakat harta because their lembu, kambing income from their padi fields are easily calculated and downright stated in the hadiths and the Quran. The RMs, Nazirs and the Toyos of this world escape scott's free because there seem to be no end to their satiety and need and they are permanently in debt one way or the other.
How can they ever be free, when they had just moved on to a bigger mansion and a 100-foot yatcht , they look yonder and lo and behold, a neighbour has a much bigger mansion and a 200 -foot yatcht!

Allahualam.... I am no fekah expert but that is how I see and compute life.

Actual, nitty gritty details on zakat payment :Calculation of present day income,properties, bonds and shares, and liabilities......
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