Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Al Ghazali, The Man and His Teaching : The Beginning of Guidance

Before we embark on Part 1 of this highly rarefied theological discourse, cut and dry stuff of 'The Beginning of Guidance' by Al Ghazali , let us revisit him in a documentary, ' The Alchemy of Happiness '
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What triggered Al Ghazali's existential crisis was in part due his sufi-poet brother, Ahmad Al Ghazali, who challenged his relative 'bookish' and non-experiential approach with respect to faith.
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'The Beginning of Guidance' is a compendium of short treatise written by Al Ghazali for seekers of knowledge. A road map of sort.

While the IHYA is his magnum opus, 'The beginning of Guidance', much less voluminous than IHYA, is no less important. Beginning this week I would 'insert' once weekly this 30 or so segment of the book, discussed by Mufti Abdul Rahman Yusuf, of Darul Uloom, UK
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