Thursday, November 10, 2011

Stressed ??..try 're-intrepreting' your reality

Feeling stressed lately ?
Tell me who is not stressed in this world !

As Muslims we do not need Yoga to deal with stress. We are in contact with HIM at least five times a day.
We have Tahajjud.
We have DOA.
We have Zikir.
We have Astagfirullah. WE have Istikarah.
We have 99 beautiful names, Asma al Husna.
And finally, we have REDZA
A whole load of 'system' and armamentarium to help us deal with 'Stress'.

Use them in your daily struggle thru this 'stressful life' if you have to.
Use them.

I want to share my 'secrets' with you guys on my personal 'destressors'.
Whenever I am stressed or feeling down, I 'mix' the 'profane and the sublime'. It has become an art form of sort to me after doing this for years !
I may be swimming 20 laps in the pool and doing my mental sum with the '99 beautiful names'. I may be 80 feet down at the ocean sea bed doing the 'subha nallah'. I may be riding on my horse for hours doing the 'zikir'.
If every thing failed, I go back to my Quran. There somehow I will stumble on some 'ayats' that would make the pain and suffering 'endurable' and clear up the misty , black clouds above me.

Some of you guys may want to try the 'Quran'. Try you must.
We Muslims must have ilm and forget about Yoga , pleassssseeee !...
[ I know Datuk Marina and Zuraidah Apakahnamadiadah of that certain Cancer NGO like Yoga and could not see and comprehend why majority of the scholars are against it.
Wise up Madams ! Why expose our already fledgling 'Aqidah' to uncertainties when we already have a fail-safe system on dealing with STRESS ? ]

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