Saturday, November 5, 2011

Living With Ourselves : Prof T J Winter aka Shaykh Abdal Hakim Murad

at Arafah,
Makkah :

On this very eve of the opening of the 'veils within the seven heavens' between the abdals and 'The Master', when there is no 'check and balances between your prayer and doa and HIM, on this very important moment in time that only occur for a few hours in any one year, I find Prof T J Winter's discourse on ' Living with Ourselves' very succinct.

We live in an age where forms over rides substance, where words no longer carry its proper meaning, where being politically correct seem to be more important than being true.

We live in an age where we know the particulate and the subatomic, the vastness of the universe is so and so billion light years from one extreme edge to the opposite extreme edge.

But we also live in an age where the souls are subjugated to the body and mind, at least in people who still believe they do have souls at the centre of it all. We live in an age where the profane and the secular take center stage. As to the sublime, who cares ?

Let us listen to this December 2010 lecture by one of my favourite Muslims in the West. Prof T J Winter :
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