Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Long and Short of IT All.....

The long story :

The short story :

Muslims should aim to be like Steve job, Bill Gates or even Obama in term of life achievements.
Today being the eve of our beloved Prophet's birthday [ pbuh ], we need to remind ourselves again and again that Islam is about excellence: excellence in the here and the hereafter.

This world is about black and white.
The dichotomy could be very incisive.
If you die, die in Islam.
Does not matter whether you  die being  just a road sweeper in downtown Manhattan,  having an IQ of 90, son of  black parentage from  underpriveledged background. 
It does not matter you are not an Obama, a Steve job or a Bill Gates.

Without Islam, you are a spiritual bankrupt....that is the short story, in what ever angle you may choose to look at.

A ' soft soft' rebuttal from Estes :

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