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NFC, Kaum Ibu and Rafidah Come Back.....and all that jazz....

The current Leh Budu saga actually I picked some 4 years ago when the election of the Kaum Ibu UMNO was hotting up.

Rafidah was saddled with the unending AP saga and Sharizad was hot on her heel.
Leh Budu, her husband was just 'rewarded' with  a 250 million supersoft loan for the current illfated NFC.

It was ill-fated from the beginning actually, from some insiders info.There was no proffesional input in the NFC except from some 20 and 22 year old 'experts'. No MBA's . No vets etc etc. Just family. That was why  these 'experts' thot having 4 multi million RM apartments in Sinapo and KL is part  and parcel of the lembu business ! 
NFC was never meant to be a success. It was daylight robbery  or piracy from day one as I expected, whatever euphemism one cares to choose.

Now Nadzri the joker has come up with a resounding statement.
Agressive statement but nothing very cerebral from the defacto law minister. He stopped short of telling the lady to resign ,but waste every body's time saying that a loan is a need to be paid or  be recovered fully.
We do not need a law minister to say that. My form three daughter doing her exam this year knows that.
If one were to read in between the line, Sharizad's days is over.
Leh Budu may soon see the wrath of 'reluctant' justice after his tail....Reluctant because if people like you and me did not make noise in the 1st place, it would quietly be swept under the carpet....another 250 million gone down under for politicians and their their sweet young things ! Malaysia  Memang Boleh !

Just last week we read a centre page whole interview with Queen Rafidah in NST.
Are we seeing her again at the helm of Kaum Ibu. I guess we are....Kaum Ibu is running out of  ideas. Their experiment with the 'Puteris'  failed miserably with the previous Az-apakahnamadiadah.

NTR,as always the 'lalang', is taking too long a time to decide, what should have been a very easy decision if one were to present that to his previous mentor , Dr M....he could have done it while taking a walk to the loo for a pee. 

That is the difference between Dr M and NTR. The former very decisive and definitive, the later, still counting his marbles.

But with even this 'cerebral and character' deficit  NTR may even deliver in the next PRU.
Such is the sorry state of us, Malaysians !
Very pathetic indeed.

The common denominator is that there is an overall lack of accountability and real belief of akhirat amongst these people, a day when 'even an atom's weight is accounted for'.


Doc Nik,

The NFC is merely a small symptom of a deeper, systemic problem. When it is openly acknowledged that one enters politics "for fame and fortune" the decay in public ethics is pretty obvious, don't you think?

We have much to learn from countries with scarce resources but have become very rich, very open, e.g. Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore (that you mock by calling it Sinapo) Denmark, Sweden, Finland, the list goes on, and on. What do they have in common? Superlative public ethics. Honesty and hard work are recognized, respected, and rewarded. 

Not one of them thinks about Akhirat, or about the atomic weights of their actions. 
Not one of them is Islamic. 

What can we learn from these facts?



Dato Dc,

I must agree with you on these counts.
They have in common,independent judiciaries,  press and media not cowed into submission by executive power of politicians and most importantly people and population who understand the importance of these two institution and willing to lose their limbs and life for the continued integrity of free press and a free judiciary. Raayats need to be of some nitelligence as well to deserve good governance.
If we choose to remain pathetic, we deserve the shit that we have now.

Nik Howk


from Dato' Aad, Jubleeintan group.

On Thu, Feb 16, 2012 at 7:01 AM, Nik Isahak Abdullah <> wrote:

I must agree with you on these counts.

Do you HowK?  Why apologetic?  Very secular, very shallow argument!  Consider these:
  1. He did not answer your question.  Did fira'un think of akhirat?  Ditto Qarun.  Ditto Haman.  Ditto Tha'alabah.  Ditto Abu Lahab, Abu Sufian.  And as for Qarun, (Allah Mentions in the Quraan) the keys to his "Bank Negara" had to be carried by 7 strong full grown men!
  2. Leadership of those countries he mentioned "don't think of akhirat", but yes, at least they do think of their "dunya"!  That only puts leaders who think neither of their dunya nor akhirat in the worst category.  But it does NOT make those who "do not think of akhirat" any better!  
  3. Sifat ar Rahman that we attribute to Allah answers the question as to why those countries are "blessed" with endless bounties.  But He reserves His ar Raheem only for those who constantly think of the akhirat!  This, we covered under "Tauhid Asma' was Sifaat", did we not?
  4. And of course, Allah too did instruct us to think of BOTH, as in Surah Qasas (28): 77;
But seek, with that (wealth) which Allah has bestowed on you, the home of the Hereafter, and forget not your portion of the legal enjoyment in this world....."  (till end)

Note:  a)  "Hereafter" comes before "this world".  b)  The wealth we possess is "bestowed", bukan sebab kita terror.  c)  The          enjoyment that we seek in this world must be "legal".  d)  For akhirat Allah uses "seek", but for the dunya, Allah uses "don't forget". We can take it to mean that for the dunya it is only a "by the way" sort of reminder!

Wallahu 'aa'laam bis sawaab..........Mudah2an ada menafaat kita bersama.

Dato' Aad


Dato Aad,

 You and I can understand where Dato DC is coming from :
pure  Oxbridge or Nottingham U  etc etc in the 50's or the 60's  without the priveledge of the Quran...Quran if at all come  a wee bit later, even then from orientalists perspective.

Was listening to an ulama' khutbah in my local mosque the other day. He said:
Ilm, Ilm Ilm is of profound important to our  early 'software'  development,but we need to change the order. The order should be Quran first  and only then the book of nature.

Quran first right from the outset,  then only MCKK, SIC, St Mikael, VI or Penang Free or Sri Cempaka ; then you can go to Harvard, Cornell or Cambridge or whatever.
That way one is assured of iman and ilm. Ilm without iman is dangerous for the soul. You get the 'Dunya'  and 'Western' lovers sans the 'akhirat'

Otherwise we get 'yellow mini-skirted young punks or dungaree laden young men going on  in later life,to become PM and ministers and CEo's with little clue and appreciation of their god given Din except for the little that they pick up along the way......when we  get NFC, Maminco, BMF, UMBC , Scorpene and whatever daylight piracy we make a lot of noise. We are responsible for putting up all these'pirates' there in the first place.

Having said that the good Dato has his point:
Iqbal when he visited Paris for the first time said " I come from a place where there are Muslims but no Islam to this place where there is Islam but no Muslims ! ".

We have to have both ilm and Iman....and Iman preceed ilm in importance. Without ilm, iman is on shaky ground. Ilm here denotes both ilm from 'The Book' and ilm from 'the book of nature'.

Nik Howk



On Fri, Feb 17, 2012 at 7:29 AM, Nik Isahak Abdullah <> wrote:

 "We have to have both ilm and Iman....and Iman preceed ilm in importance. Without ilm, iman is on shaky ground. Ilm here denotes both ilm from 'The Book' and ilm from 'the book of nature".

Allow me to just summarise, khusus bagi ikhwan kita dalam forum JI ini, dan 'am kepada sesiapa yang ingin bersetuju.

Ilmu. Iman. Amal soleh. Adalah seperti serampang tiga mata yang kita mesti ada untuk menuju kepada "...fid dunya Hasanah, wa fil akhiratu Hasanah...." yang kita ungkapkan saban hari.

Ilmu. Ada yang memenefaatkan, ada juga yang memudharatkan. Ilmu sihir is ilmu, tetapi memudharatkan. To reinforce, apabila Muhammad (SAW) mengajar kita memohon diberi ilmu, Baginda (SAW) mengajarkan "........'ilman na fi'a", or ilmu yang menafaat! Sebagai rumusan, "ilmu" is defined by one mu'alim, sebagai "sesuatu pengetahuan yang mendekatkan kita kepada Allah". Perlu diingat syaitan cukup suka dengan orang yang beramal tanpa ilmu! Ada riwayat yang menyebut bahawa, syaitan tak takut nak acah 1000 orang yang beriman/beramal tanpa ilmu. Tetapi syaitan amat takut kepada seorang yang beramal dengan ilmu.

Iman. Described by (if my 60 year old memory serves me right) Ali bin Abi Thalib, as, "Keyakinan yang tersemat di hati, yang dilafazkan dengan lidah dan dipertuntunkuan dengan perbuatan. Rosak hati, kufur. Rosak lafazan, munafik. Rosak perbuatan, fasiq!" So, it is not enough to say, Ya, saya beriman dengan al-Quraan tetapi hukum hudud is "out of date"! Hukum hudud tak boleh di enforce sebab Bolehland ada rakyat berbilang kaum! Iman (dan taqwa) IS the visa into Jannah. Tidak ada dalam Quraan yang mengatakan orang Islam (Muslimin) yang masuk syurga. Yang boleh masuk syurga (dengan Rahmat Allah) hanya orang beriman (Mukmin)! SO this is very very important. Silap haribulan, rosak iman, TERBATAL lah kalimah syahadah kita (wa 'iyya dzuBillahi min dzaa lik)

Amal Soleh. As opposed to "amal toleh". Pendirian ahlus sunnah wal jamaah: tidak terbatal iman bagi orang yang tak solat, tak berpuasa dan sebagainya. Dia tetap Mukmin, tinggal lagi, seorang MUKMIN FASIQ. But do not take this lightly, because Allah's treatment and view of the "fasiquun", is not a "good one" (for want of a better word). Tambahan, kalau dah biasa fasiq, kemungkinan terjerumus kepada kekafiran! Banyak Ayat Quraan yang menggariskan keseluruhan natijahnya kaum fasiquun ini!

Wallahu 'aa'laam........

Sebarkan Salam



Heard , loud and clear Dato Aad.

Nik Howk



Anonymous said...

Ijat went for umrah 3 times in 2 and 1/2 months. Quite incredible! Said went to ask for Allah's guidance. Came back and called Rafiza "Jambu" and promised to send him a set of Wanita Umno's baju kurung since, she said, it appears he wants her position. We must ask: "Are we to believe that that was the guidance she received from Allah taala? To conduct herself in that manner? Or does she need to go for a 4th umrah and hope this time Allah swt will guide her?
She also said she is only the wife, implying therefore she is not responsible. Implicit in that statement therefore is acknowledgement that what her husband and kids did is wrong, otherwise there is no need to distance herself from their actions by her "wife only" assertion. Why doesn't she then openly condemn their actions? Or has she forgotten that the Prophet saw said, or words to that effect: "By Allah, of Fatimah the daughter of Muhammad has committed theft, I would order her hand to be cut off."?

Pearls and Gem said...

i feel she just need to resign and dissappear. Currently she is an embarassment for every Malaysians.

Man mana? Man Lembu, Manama said...

Salam Doc, Abe Ru and all,

It seems this fiasco is affecting my nerve. Doing feedlots are much more tedious, more dirty jobs (unless the condos were meant to house or cage the cattle!). But the fund lent to them should be able to sustain the costs. To minimise certain expenditures, i.e. food - one can even produce the pellets, supplement with green fibres such as oil palm leaves, and sell the cow dungs in a form of compost.

I had reared a few cattle before in 2006-2007 somewhere in Morib (near the infamous Ladang Gadong). No land (I&P lands were available for grassing), no fund (own pocket money), no NFC (except my buddy, a local chap). From a humble eight cows, we had topped or accumulated to 32 heads in two years. It was a good side income biz for the two of us to support demands from the Klang Valley's customers especially for the Eids.

The point is, leave this 'lembu' biz to the right professionals, the cowherds.