Saturday, December 11, 2010

Prof HAMKA : On Haj

A rare 1977 magnetic tape hamka on haj....

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i count prof hamka as one of my  tok and dead!
my encounter with hamka was rather out of an urgent necessity.

at a relative young age of 35, just back from london , after a 3 year cardiological stint at st mary hospital at praed street  and st bartholomews at little england, business district of east london, still bow-tied and arrogant, i was asked to head the medical team for a 3 month stint at madinah munawarah and makkatul look after 25,000 malaysians during the haj of 1984.

the medical knowledge was still found wanting, and the ugama knowledge was almost 'zero'!
i buried myself into hamka's 'tafsir al azhar' from cover to cover, 10,000 pages of hamka!

a lovely accident and incident of time arising from a necessity.
a permanent head damage [ phd ]....
a lifelong 'seed of discontent'.....

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