Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sunnah- Bidaah hasanah Debate/Discussion: Dr Asri and Dr Abdul Aziz



Our Muslim world is currently inundated by much unnecessary 'finger pointing', some to the extent of derision and 'kafir mengkafir',innuendoes of heresy etc etc. Core to the problem is the inherent tendency of one group thinking that they and only they have the monopoly of truth over the others, the innate tendency of people to think that their 'imam' or 'imams' had a greater monopoly of truth over the other 'imams'.

At the end of the day we will find ourselves back to The Noble Qur'an and the sincerity of our 'hearts'. Allah give us His mercy. Let us stop this time wasting bickering over 'ranting and branches' that have divided us rather than unite,and reexamine our very own hearts and souls and let us 'get on our bikes' and be peaceful loving people contributing to humanity's progress,who always have 'one foot in the hereafter' and another here.We as an ummah should really be in the fore front splitting the atom for humanities need, splicing the genes solving human medical problems, and giving the world economic solutions to replace the present failing capitalistic system that has failed miserably in feeding the world hunger for basic food, clean drinking water and adequate shelter; and showing the world a more holistic way of living life.

The other choice as we have now is of course we collectively will remain 'flotsams being pushed aside by the waves of time'.We are supposed to be Allah's viceroys on this earth. And we have failed so far.....

What do we not have at present in the Muslim world :Oil for which people are drooling and salivating to have and willing to kill for; our lands are haven for any kind of vegetations; uranium for nuclear energy; and a lot of sunshine again for future'power';..... and yes we have The Divine Letters which we do not care to live by.On the other dark side we as an ummah continue to tolerate corrupt and bankcrupted leaders amongst us, choose to live in poverty and squalor and remain ignorant of the sciences and its universal goodness.

We just, collectively as an ummah ,do not realise and be thankful of our 'nikmat' and gifts from Allah.[ Just read the Wikileaks recently on the goings on in the Gulf countries and you will realise how superbly idiotic some of our so-called Muslim leaders can be.......Mashaallah. This remain the biggest issue amongst Muslims.]

Dr Nik Isahak Wan Abdullah

PS: In retrospect, I personally think Dr Asri's parting remark was very pertinent. Huwallahualam.

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