Thursday, September 22, 2011

PKFTZ for the layman like you and me....

'AT last count the PKFTZ scandal stood at 12.5 billion RM. It started with 2 RM psf secured from poor Malay fishermen and farmers in Pulau Indah, sold to Government of the day at inflated price of 25 RM psf , and if you think that is already bad enough, finally after extrapolating and computing future interest and loss and what not, finally settled at a whooping 50 RM psf '

That, my dear friends, is great governance from a government that profess 'Malaysia Boleh'

If one visit the scene of the crime now one can see acres and acres of huge buildings build at 5 times inflated price for 'god knows what function ?'

Across the board now it is beginning to look like a special 'muhibbah type' of National Looting with both MCA and UMNO playing the lead roles.
Unlike 'cimB' [ Cina, India ,Melayu bodoh ], Seem Velloo et al is most significantly missing in this Malaysian only suspense thriller of 'daylight robbery' that has far outstripped all previous 'daylight robberies'.

In our short history as a nation we have had too many of these nonsense. We are a stoic type of people. We have great propensity of tolerating pain and humiliation as a nation. Great stuff, we Malaysians !

At the end of the day, by virtue of the nature and gravity of the individuals involved, it would most likely end up as an open verdict.
You rub my back I rub yours.
Finally it is the common people who pay, thanks God !


Anonymous said...

What do you mean by cimB - cina melayu india bodoh? Itu bank kah?

Pearls and Gem said...

dulu bbmb...

sekarang dah nak jadi macam hong leong bank atau public bank if the trend is not reversed soon with enlightened leadership. good people are being 'retired' by the droves in the name of efficiency !

do some audit and you will come to know.

Anonymous said...

it amazes me that the umno people involved in the pkftz are left untouched.

Pearls and Gem said...

12.5 billion RM is a lot of money my friend to be shared by many hantu toyols.I doubt it only stopped at ling leong sek.

bmf was only 1.2 billion.
the bakun projectwhich will takes decades to finish and a boon for power after all given the current fear about things nuclear is just a couple of billion RM.

we malaysians are really a stoic lot. no heads rolling. KSN still happily doing his work. Press very quiet and past and present playing mump and macam 'lembu kenyang' saja.....

in short,we deserve the shit we deserve !

RahmatHarounHashim said...

Asm....... Dr Nik,
Join THE THIRD FORCE, buka parti baru. Terbuka untuk profesional sahaja.