Sunday, September 25, 2011

9/11 Revisited

My friend, 3 time world champion endurance rider, Ms Valerie Kanavy sent me this following images below. I rode agianst her twice, 1st in Dubai's 160km World Endurance Championship in 1998 and second in Jerez, Spain at the World Equestrian Games in 2003. She was America's best export, an ambassador par excellence in her sport. At 65 now, still very active in endurance.

The images she sent are both painful and tragic. It somehow epitomize the resilience and true grit of the ordinary American people : the boatmen and firemen ,ordinary citizens unfortunately caught in the middle of a senseless global debacle and total failure to see reasons and facts,to separate the root cause from the maladie of symptoms and emotions, a failure for fellow humans across the globe to embrace compassion and peace . click here

My reply to her was this :

Tragic Valerie. Truly tragic.
Unfortunately there may be more 9/11 if presidents, dictators and politicians of the world choose to be extremely myopic and refuse to not learn lessons from the past.

We in Asia, and for that matter all nations across the globe except some NATO countries perhaps, thought Obama is gonna be a breath of fresh air after Bush.
But he is a big disapointment. His post inaugural speech given in Cairo several years back seem to us that this finally is an American president who can make a difference. But it is not to be. Just today, on the eve of yet another momentous event related to world peace, America is again a total failure. Your veto of the new Palestinian initiative at the UN speaks volume of America's impotence and selective myopia and biase.

America can churn and mourn 9/11 for years and decades to come but if your guys within the governmenr and administration choose rather to get lost in trees and leaves and fail to see 'the green forest' outside and fail to address the root causes, the anger and the grief of others, the injustice..... there will be no world peace..

America cannot afford to go to war against 1.5 billion humanities. You guys are already on the verge of a moral, leadership and economic bankruptcy !
Some degree of sanity must transcend all these madness and blatant selective myopia.

Just look at these images here for you guys to be able to appreciate how the rest of the world view American, The Bully. The Ugly American of the 60's has come back with a vengeance. click here

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