Saturday, September 17, 2011

'Talk to the monkeys !'...

A newly appointed GLC CEO to the world biggest plantation conglomerate ,one year ago, talked down to his people that they need to 'double their input to increase the profit'. This kind of 'talk' is cheap. Any fresh MBA graduate can talk this harder and double the output !
Creative accounting and asset stripping are two other common and cheap way of showing the profits !

Too much of that in the recent past happening in our GLC's : selling off MAS Building by our very own celebrated Mat Derghih Yala to make the books look good, and recently Sime's sale of it's troublesome Oil and Gas Division. For the millions we pay these CEO's, it is fair that we should be able to expect them to perform better than 'over glorified overpaid clerks'!

Selling asset and disposing non performing branch of the company is not exactly rocket science. I am sure they can do better.

And if your core business is in petroleum for example, and you want to go into medical, expect to lose a couple of hundred millions [ 500 million RM to be exact at last count]..They call it tuition fees..I know Petronas has a bottomless pit but why waste on unnecessary tuition fees.

Likewise, if your core business is 'PLANTATION' and you decide to go into banking or real estate/construction which is not your forte, expect to lose a few hindred millions as well as well. And we just lost 1.2 billion RM out of the Qatar debacle. Some 1.2 billion from Sime Bank several years back and we never seem to learn lessons. I say 'WE" here because this is my money and your money. Sime Darby is PNB. PNB is bumiputra money. Our ASB and our ASN. Not some dirty politician's war chest or grand father's company.

Sime should be in Africa, Latin America, Fiji, Papua New Guinea opening cheap tracts of lands for food production and estates, not duplicating another construction company up north and paying thorugh the nose for it. Leave that to the small boys. We have the software, the hardware and the money to go beyond our shores. Our planters are world class. Our genome collection of palm seeds are incomparable.

Sorry Sir', I beg to differ. You may be my top boss but I am not impressed so far!
You have to do better than what you are doing now to earn people's respect all round ! I see ex central committee members, middle range managers, junior managers and your bottom rung boys from the plantations everyday. I know what is the mood 'downstairs'. Dont just listen to your 'still wet in between the ears' corporate guys. Do also talk to your 'boys' downstairs. You could get a better feel of the business. Coming from TH or FELDA is nothing great.

You guys should actually need to take a leaf or two from Pak Mat Nyadap of Padang Pa' Amat, Pasir Puteh, Kelantan who did his 'mba' at Idongoto University :

That coming from Pak Mat Nyadap of Padang Pa' Amat, Pasir Puteh, Kelantan. And he usually get his ways with his monkeys.

By the way, Congratulations to Ahmad Jauhari Yahya on his recent appointment to the hot seat at Malaysian Airline.
Yes Dato', do 'turun padang' and talk to your monkeys !
We have faith in you Dato'.
Malaysians have had enough of this nonsense of 'crops of over glorified clerks replacing another crop of overglorified clerks'.
Our CEO's manning the GLCs have to be thinkers


Anonymous said...

I know of a medical doctor who decided to venture into plantation...imagine how much he would lose as tuition fees....

Pearls and Gem said...

o think you need not worry about him anon. His loss, if there is any would be a private loss, does not affect you and me and the rest.

it is those clowns running the glc's who are making the wrong decisions that we need to worry about. at the end of the day it is pnb that pays. or petronas.

i hear in the grapevine the poers that be is trying very hard to bring back our soveriegn fund either early next year or late this year to shower on the local economy. sounds great on papers, if it does happen.

but at the ground level the leakages, if given a malaysian flavour, would be phenomenal.