Sunday, September 18, 2011

Teganung and Kelantang.....

Those were the days
Teganung and Kelantang........
The Mat Che Su and Dali Omar days in the late 60's and early 70's.
When over a football match, a whole bus could get burnt in Jertih.
Kelantan could win over giants like Singapura [ Wilfrid Skinner and Majid Ariff come to mind !]or Selangor [ Ghani Minhat, even the Koreans feared him ].
Teganung could even lose to minnows,Perlis
But when Kelantan meet Teganung...all hell broke lose.

And why Jertih, where buses of either side got burnt or stones and abuse hurled.
It is still very well at least some 15 kilometres in Teganung territory but Jertih in Besut represent 'disputed' territory. Just like the West Bank in Palestine. Disputed borders probably some 100 years back, rightly belonging to Kelantan, I was told. So disputed that the then Kelantan Sultan at that time, probably out of wisdom, decided to 'lose' it sportingly to his brother Sultan from Teganung over a 'cock' fight.

Up to today, The people of the Teganung district of Besut bear dual 'stateship' : They are 'orang Teganung' in technical term but in spirit and in linggo they are Kelantanese.A Kelantanese when meeting a Besut chap in neutral territory say KL, would say, " Demo orghe kito.... ".

The Besut chap would not say no with rare exceptions, except perhaps ex YB Idris Jusoh. Even then perhaps because of 'Petronas Wang Ihsang'. [ Tok Pha, of Kelantan now is in similar predicament,you can see it coming out of his orifices even ! ].I am still wondering though why he did not last long as A Teganung MB ! A one term MB, just like what is currently feared most by Najib Tun Razak....
A one term PM, oh my God !!

There is a definite stigmata to being a 'one term anything', since usually the 1st term is usually more the rule than not that it is usually a gift from someone or va gift from the 'inbuilt' system like the archaic UMNO intra party presidential electoral system .

ISA is a gift from Najib Razak to us Malaysians. It certainly does not come free or due to any feeling of altruism from the beleaugered PM !. Your guys have to thank BERSIH etc etc and etc and etc,last but not least to hundreds of bloggers like me who collectively add up to the total collective National 'animal noise' going on in the country that finally break Najib Tun Razak who certainly does not want to see the spectre of a 'one term PM'.

A PM has very little choice when his trusted SB tells him he would not see the light of the day come next General ELECTION ! I can imagine the PM and his Mrs waking up in the wee hours of the morning, breaking up in cold sweat :
"One term PM, Darling ! No way, we have to do something !",
said the clever one of the two.

My God ! Tun Razak would certainly turn in his grave !
Whoever in the past predicted that the proverbial 'lallang' rarely moves!
When it move, IT MOVES. Thank you Najib!

Back to the subject of Teganung and Kelantang,one similarity though which Teganung and Kelantan share very well is the preponderance of 'ulama' who unlike the 'West coast variety' are always ready to speak their minds freely and openly, from 'time immemorial'. One of my current favourite is Ustaz Azhar Idrus. He has a 'funny' and candid way of giving 'daawah and ceramah' :
click here,for 'Melayu dok leh masuk shurga'
'Asal usul maknusia', click here
'Pakailah topi keledar', click here
He is 'funny', even on serious matters. His Teganung linggo is 'classic'.
But his message , we need to give some serious thots !
I like him.

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Anonymous said...

Dear nik howk

I am in pain from having to update myself to your latest blog and waiting in frustration for you to comment on the MAS-Air Asia deal and the E&O-Sime deal?

Care to enlightened us?

Pearls and Gem said...

my god, tan sri !
i am just a mere mortal...
while you are on the board, you should be able to tell us.....

i hope you guys would not grind my good friend ahmad jauhari too much. he is but a POWER man and even in the last langkawi event, a sparrow told me,or was it a 'cycle-about in teganung, he collapsed !

airline is not his forte but tan sri, in malaysia now forte does not count too much, personal honesty and integrity are more important. at least since MAS is already a virtual airline, he could not get it more worse !

Anonymous said...

maaf banyak2 nik howk,i am not the tan sri on the mas board,in fact i am but a mere citizen of malaysia and not even a tan sri.

anonymous sept 18th@5:51pm

Pearls and Gem said...

sorry boss, you sound like one.

i dont know about e and o-sime deal.
i hope the administration is right about its current choice of people running mas.

ahmad jauhari is the chap who when offered by dr m some 8 years back to run tnb, a promotion for him from running a small ipp called malakoff, declined the offer.
at this juncture in our corporate maladie probably we need this type of character to correct what was fundamentally wrong with mas in.
the 1st place...just probably.

we certainly do not need corporate wizards running around enriching themselves and family. we need god fearing people with total honesty and integrity. just my humble opinion.

if people like tony fernandes can contribute ,why not....mas cannot continue to bleed. how many thousands mouths and their dependents all tied around mas. that is a fardu.

tony fernandes is an expert at talking to his 'monkeys' that is why his air asia is a great success. one need not just be a thinker, one need to also 'turun padang' and talk to the 'monkeys'.

plucking coconuts is their business. Pak Mat Nyadap, if he wants more coconut, he talked to his monkeys and is not too 'kedekut' about a coconut or two given to them....dont just talk down, otherwise his monkeys can throw back one on his head, when he is not looking !

by the way whatever happened to ECER, NCER and etc etc launched during Pak Lah's time.....I wonder how many millions companies like Petronas, Sime had wasted on these kind of nonsensical whims and fancies of politicians and their stupid advisers who are interested in just lacing their pockets !

Pearls and Gem said...

anon, sime is paying 60 % above market rate for the 30 % block of eo....

i have no comment except i hope it is a good business deal for sime who is 60 % owned by PNb, correct me if I am wrong. pnb is 100 % bumiputra money.

but if i were to go by what happened before with respect to most glc's, 'we' are the 'lubuk man' who is supposed to soak up whatever loss some brilliant corporate wizards made in their previous deal.

for example, some years ago tnb was made to buy a third rate ' coal field somewhere at 1st rate price. tnb take the loss. some influential middle man and his very influential friend make a couple of hundred millions rm.

closer to 'home', we recently were made to acquire a 'failed' hospital project not too close and not to far from our present place . if they ask the 'monkeys' ie the doctors we would give free advice that it would be a pain in the neck and make life for everyone aq headache from the prspective of management etc etc and etc. sime paid good money for the building and put a couple of hundred millions more for refurbisment. 'business sensewise' if i run sime i would not do it.
but again that is business malaysian stlye.

someone 'shit' somewhere and glc's are supposed to clean it.

let us all hope the eo-sime deal is a win win stuation and not along the same line as given here.

i have my reservation though. we tend not to learn from history.

Pearls and Gem said...

sorry anon, i am not quite finished just yet.....

after all these millionringgit fumbles , they usually get kicked upward.
in this case , somewhere up either to khazanah as director of something or pnb.

higher propensity to do more damage.
tis is Malaysia Boleh for us.