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One Billion $ RM Naval Frigate.....


'Duit Kopi' or kickback has become a way of life in Malaysia, thanks in no small way to our great Dr M who initially started the ball rolling by diminishing all institutions capable of keeping this under check. I decided to do my very own simple' kampong' way of checking the figures today. I must say I was lucky because out of the blue this morning, Encik M, a well known self made ship builder, with hundreds of million orders from mainly Europe on his book, walked in through my clinic door . We Malays talked about 'panjang umur' and 'Tok Wali' and there he was, walking into my room for his early morning consultation, ready to being 'bullied' and grilled.

" Encik M, hypothetically if I am your PM and able to give you a negotiated tender to build a 6 similar frigates for the country as what was given to Bosteed Bhd, how much would you charge us per piece.Give me a ball park figure,give and take 10 millions. You to make some profit and we the Govt not to lose alot. We want to help your company to be able to join the big international boys in the marine industry ?"

" Doc, a basic frigate without fitting and weopenry of that size would cost 150 million RM for me to build. Frankly speaking,I would hope to make 10 to 15 millions there as profit. I work on the basis of 10 to 15 % profit. With high end, state of the art weopenry, 'exocet' missiles and everything,all imported overseas and supervised by relevant experts, I am looking at a ballpark figure of a couple of millions less than 800. That is very very high already,fully loaded with all the newest toys in the business, except probably a nuclear missile ! And this Doc inclusive of a 5 year FOC maintainence contract to cover. Me and my boys could rest for the next 5 years even at 800....This would boost our profile no doubt. We already have a lot of orders from Europeans. We have yet to build for our Navy though. They dont like us. Our figure are too low for them."

So friends, it is not that bad as it initially seem. We are not looking at 400 to 500 million RM kickback now. We are just looking at just under 200 millions. That seem a measly sum after Scorpene. People have learnt their lessons!...That constitute progress towards good Islamic governance. Our govt is Islamic mind you.

Nik Howk
PS: by the way, Bosteed Bhd has never been in the black despite all the help from the Government all these years. Mostly run by retired generals and admirals.
Oops! At 200 million a piece, 6 frigates would give a whooping 'duit kopi' of 1.2 billion. Not bad we Malays nowadays, very good at mathematics!



rm200mx6. Yes a pittance. Yet Melayu still vote them in.

Wassalaam, ©اخمد فضيل


Dear Grand Pa,

At the end of the day, despite whatever 'animal noise' we make, we deserve the shit we deserve!

Nik Howk


[ Letter from my dear sister..a Dr M number 1 fan..]

Dear Hok

Are there evidence and proof for these "frigate" scandal? and the many unfortunate "legacies" which you confidently based your biaseness on?. If yes I will be a convert in a blink.

When I was in the team in-charge of the procurement and contract for the KL International Airport project, we were overseeing more than hundred projects with a total estimate of more than RM10 billion. Amongst the biggest tender is the terminal complex at RM2 billion, the satellite building at RM1 billion and several others each contract from RM100k - RM500k. No interference whatsoever from the Prime Minister.

In fact initially way back in 1990 we were being conned by an anglo-japan consortium who claimed that they are the expert for world-class airport and as such the government agreed on a contract management for the consortium to construct KLIA for RM20 billion. But later Mahathir rescind the contract and requested the local professionals to form a Project Management company under Tan Sri Jamilus to manage the contract and at the end we manage to build that airport for RM10 billion - saving the government RM10 billion. All these are not hearsay but backed with all the files and contract documents. Not once did we received any "wahyu" from him with regards to the the pre-qualification, estimates, tender evaluations and negotiations. All decisions with regards to money are based on our recommended procurement strategy, technical and contractual basis.

In addition, after KLIA project I was involved with other projects with a total cost of more than RM1 billion - again no interference from him whatsoever. All estimates and negotiation were by our company which we recomended and accepted by the government. In fact the government even reduce the contract sum further as a discount due to being selected contractor.

Show me the evidence of wrong doings by Mahathir personally than I will be as angry as you but for now I can't.



1 Mar 2011 22:53:52 +0800


I see that my dear Imun,you are still stuck with Dr M !
The one billion rm per frigate is not Dr M's though and your 'recalcitrant' dear brother dont live in the past . He choose to live in the future.

As for Dr M , he is already 86. He has to meet his God one of these days, as I have bravely pointed to him in my personal letter to his Mrs some 10 years ago during the height of the Anuar debacle.

I dont take side. I am not a blind 'lover' of Dr M nor of any one except HIM. Kings, sultans and numero unos of nations are special people. They choose and are 'ordained to be there. Some despots even 'kill' to be there. Just look at Libya. What they do involve 'billions' and affect millions. Whether they like it or not they will be judged by us and by God . They will be judged by history harshly and there will be no two way about it because unlike you or me these are important public office. On Judgment Day I bet you some would have wish they are just the green scum in the rocks rather than have souls and exist and be judged!.

Yes I agree with you if you say he is no Muamar Gaddafi but in life indeed Dr M did left a lot of legacies...Putrajaya, Cyberjaya, Proton, The state of our Judiciary, the incoherence in our public policies etc etc and etc.

15 years on, our institutions are still blinking when our neighbours all have left us behind. On the corruption index we are onpar with Cambodia !Corruption is rampant. Public accountability is next to zero.
The one billion RM Frigate announced by the PM after Pak Lah is testimony of our present malaise!

No I am not thinking of Dr M. He is old newspaper, my dear sister. I dont waste time reading old newspapers!


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No I am not thinking of Dr M. He is old newspaper, my dear sister. I dont waste time reading old newspapers!